Forum year display format

I want to ask whoever has the ability to change this, could the number of the year that’s in the corner of every post show the four digits instead of just the last two with a tilde?
Now it says:
Aug '16
wich is way too similar to:
Aug 16
and it will be more clear as:
Aug 2016
It has happened to me a lot of times that I start to read a thread and, really, I don’t get that i’m reading and old thread until someone mentions something that it’s been solved for years, or something like that.
Arrrgh, that pesky tilde.
I take the previous entries in this thread as a possible example of this.


Depending on locality that seems like an easy trap to fall into, for me not so much though.

Discuss seems to have a lot of these “niceties” that subtly break things like breaking copy and pasting text for the qoute feature or replacing random text with unicode emojis : /

I’ve wondered about this myself before but I was never annoyed enough to do anything about it. Well, I just looked into it, and it was actually a relatively easy change; Discourse actually lets you edit the date format strings directly. So now all dates across the forum should use 4-digit years.


It’s still 2 chars for me
edit: nevermind, was cached

Wonderful, thanks a lot Waddlesplash! ^o^