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What’s the canonical source for the H and the leaf?

As mentioned near the start of the thread, the logos are at

My background “Tumble Leaves”:

Tumble Leaves

Done with WonderBrush, re-using and altering the “Mixed Leaf Background” from Haiku’s artwork. WonderBrush has a canvas size limit of 4096x4096, so it’s not quite 5k. The above is a 1920x1080 version.


Nice, but not what we’re looking for, see (3) in the top post:

  1. We are NOT looking for photographs of any kind, any submitted work should be an illustration of some kind.

That isn’t actually in the top post, but a link from it. Perhaps OP could edit the top post to include the word “illustration” and save us some time searching our photos.

Sorry about that. The forum shows only the first paragraph of blog posts and a big button “Show full post”, indicating that there’s more to read.

Falling Leaf concept:
fallingleaf-preview fallingleaf-outline-preview fallingleaf-outline_yellow-preview fallingleaf_yellow-preview fallingleaf_yellow-outline-preview fallingleaf_yellow-dark_outline-preview

Only blue variations this time, based on some feedback from the prior concept (Linear Leaf).

Also considering a future evolution of this concept wherein there are multiple leaves falling too, however I’ll still need to think how to go about this and mitigate the possible loss of details at smaller resolutions. Like say, smaller leaves might become indistinguishable (or even not visible anymore) at low enough resolutions.


We need animated gif and png support for the desktop :sunglasses:

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Please do a series with simple one-colored background.

Perhaps support for APNG, WebP, and AVIF would be better than GIF support? They’re much higher quality than GIFs are. As for PNG support, that would be great to have too.

If this Formats are supported for haiku

I ain’t allowed to upload svg or hi-res so I’m linking this folder, source code is provided and some renderings too (Inkscape) with variations of 30° about the default blue hue, those are almost 8000x6000, 700 Kbs each


These are great! We would need to have a .zip file with the licence and all the .svg's in order to include them though… Please send them to humdingerb gmail and bitigchi me if you’d like to go ahead!

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Google Drive has the feature to “Download all” files in that folder in form of a zip file.
So, @zuMi if you could add a license.txt file. Not sure if a SVG for every colour permutation is needed…

Done, I’ve put a license.txt file into it

Let me know if you want the whole compressed archive with all renderings into your inbox , I prefer darker and desaturated colors for my desktop so I will render another bunch of them that will be added to this folder; and let me know if you want different svg sources for each color, it’s matter of seconds to change its code.

i cannot access your share @zuMi? its still available?

Yes, I’ve forgot to publish them again after redoing the rendering, there was some weird artifacts so I’ve changed something; I’ve added a new wallpaper, there is the license and all is archived together, SVG sources are brought with CSS section, so if you want to change the main color you can in a simple way.

ok… thanks… all visible now

Here’s how they look on my Desktop, using them in native resolution (8K) with Haiku scaling down to a resolution of 1920x1080, the original files are in 4: 3 ratio and haiku crops it automatically





That last one is especially nice! :slight_smile:

@zuMi, the license file doesn’t have to be the whole license text.
I amended the top post with a template of how it should look like so we have all the needed info:

Haiku Desktop Background
Copyright 2020, [Name-of-the-artist] <>
Licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.
[Optional additional info]