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One of the most common feedback that we receive is that Haiku needs some nice colourful wallpapers shipping with its releases. We definitely want to improve the current situation. And we need your help.

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Is it possible to get the .svg files of Haiku logo on this post?

I know they are available via Google Images but it may help those who wish to contribute and provides easier accessibility.

Haiku Logo White

Haiku Logo






A couple of weeks ago on the mailing list I sent the following link, I thought it was “fitting”.


Original here (full size)


There are two SVGs in “artwork” at , one with black and one with white letters.
Unfortunately, the SVG export from the Wonderbrush files isn’t perfect: the gradients of the leaves need some work; compare to the PNG exports.

Try imagemagick to convert.

I suspect imagemagick won’t be able to read the Wonderbrush file…

Imagemagick can convert svg to image

convert /path/to/file.svg /path/to/output.jpg

We’d need a Wonderbrush -> SVG though.


Linear Leaf Yellowish concept wallpapers:
haikuleaf-outline-bluish_yellowish haikuleaf-outline_yellowish haikuleaf-outline-blue_yellowish haikuleaf-outline_dark-blue_yellowish haikuleaf-blue_yellowish haikuleaf_yellowish

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Linear Leaf Bluish concept wallpapers:
haikuleaf-yellow_bluish haikuleaf-outline-yellowish_bluish haikuleaf-outline-yellow_bluish haikuleaf-dark_outline-yellow_bluish haikuleaf_bluish haikuleaf-outline_bluish

Looking for feedback on these before deciding which ones to properly submit for the contest. It should be noted that the smaller details for the bluish outline (on yellowish) and yellowish outline (on bluish) variants may not be visible at smaller sizes.

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Are participants allowed to put submissions inside compressed archives if it becomes necessary, @bitigchi and @humdinger?

Sure, pack the 'source" file, a smaller preview PNG and a license file. If it becomes too big for email (I’d say 5 MiB tops) upload it somewhere and just send the link plus the preview PNG.

If participants will incorporate Haiku trademarks (e.g. Haiku leaf, Haiku H, etc.), then what licenses can they use especially for instances wherein they are modified (different fill, colour, outline, etc.)?

Additionally if submissions have multiple variations, should all the source files for each variation be sent too?

Only the Haiku logo is a trademark. And it is not allowed to modify it in any way. That’s the reason for the existence of the other things: the “H”, the leaf, etc, none of which are trademarked.

I think it does not need to be part of the wallpaper, we can always overlay it later?

Ah, thanks for clarifying! I had mistakenly thought that the H and the leaf were also under the same restrictions as the main Haiku logo.

What is your full email address @bitigchi? I am not familiar with any email domain that starts with me, as stated in the post.

The domain is

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Didn’t try it but I expect bluish variant to be frendlier to the eye. Also I like the leaf with the black outline more.