Calculator software

Is it calculator application available on Haiku with following features:

  1. Supports binary and hex numbers and able to convert between it.
  2. Can copy and paste output.
  3. Supports history.

i use the python interpreter for that
bin(9) outputs ‘0b1001’
hex(99) outputs ‘0x63’
you can reuse last result using the _ variable
copy,paste and history using the terminal features
you can write hex number with 0x prefix and binaries with 0b
finally you have access to the math library


I haven’t tried wcalc myself, but it comes up in HaikuDepot when searching for “calc hex history”. :slight_smile:

It is CUI utility, I want GUI application. Well python is fine for now.

I’ve been meaning to write a clone of the Windows 7 “Calculator” software, it’s the best desktop calculator software I have seen. But I never did get around to it…


Well the windows calculator is open source… I wonder if you could just take the calculator guts from it and put a BeAPI face on it. I think it is a somewhat deceptively complex application also.

And yes I do know that the version on Github is the UWP version but apparently it was forked from the old one, and does use the same math internally… and is MIT licensed!

copyrighted all the way back in 1989 O.o in the current version…

SpeedCrunch works well but there is no recipe in the ports repository so you’ll need to build it yourself. It’s pretty easy to build as it has some basic support for Haiku already(screenshot).

Tried to build from source, but getting tons of error due to Qt?

Some one can do this with yab. Could be an interesting project for new developers.

What? Nothing can beat the PowerToy calculator!

I don’t understand why people designing calculator insist on an on-screen keyboard. Does anyone actually use that? Don’t all computers come with a keyboard already?

The Windows 7 one has many problems such as resetting completely when you switch between the different modes (which is annoying, what if I want to compute an angle and then convert it to hex?), not warning you that “programmer mode” is integer only and silently rounding your calculations there, having only one memory slot (why can’t I assign values to a few single letter variables, at least?)


It can be useful on tablet PC.

Wouldn’t you already have an appropriate soft-keyboard in that case? In any case, yes, it can be useful, but it shouldn’t be the default (and I think impossible to disable in Windows calculator case) behavior for desktop/laptop systems.

It also help to know what functions are available in calculator.

Generic screen keyboard takes more space than domain-specific calculator keyboard.

There are a bunch of warnings about deprecated functions that can be ignored. The one problem that I forgot about is some odd behavior with the different C++ specifications(C++11, C++17, etc…). The quick solution to the undefined reference that prevents building is to put it in release mode.

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

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The first time I used in on MacOS 9.1 I was blown away…

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That did the trick, now I could work on a recipe for it :slight_smile:

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Speaking of calculator stuff, I found out about RPN a while back, and really want to give it a modern spin. Will be a while before I do that though.

SpeedCrunch now available for Haiku :slight_smile:
Thanks for the pointer @Lrrr


Does it support programmer stuff (bin and hex numbers, bit shifting etc.)?

Only one way to find out I guess :slight_smile: