I made remake Caesar3 (see here
sometime ago i try compile game for haiku, after resolving some troubles i did it.
now i have caesaria.bin, but when i try execute binary i have this message “Cannot start application. library no found”. Where i have mistake???
environment: gcc4.7.3, cmake, git
screenshots of error upload later.
Thanks for help.

Which version of Haiku are you running?

The alpha 4 version is rather old, and there were some problems there with the way libraries were managed.
I sggest upgrading to one of our current nightly builds (, then using Haikuporter and write a recipe for the application. Compling it this way will work better and be safer when it comes to haiku upgrades.

I use nightly build, install sdl with haiku porter but error still here.

Error message - "Could not open “caesaria.bin” (Missing libraries:"
it need from, placed near


There was some library renaming recently, to fix up some versionning issues.
I think you’ll have to recompile CaesarIA on a new version of Haiku.

I’m writing recipes for other open source games, I’ll add this one to my list. This will make it easier to build it with Haikuporter and make a package-file you can then distribute.


A nasty solution:

  • Create a folder at the same place of your bin folder. Rename it to “lib”

  • Inside your lib folder, create a symlink of libfreetype at /boot/system/lib

test on real machine, please

bitbucket doesn’t allow access to that file (only the issues page is visible in your CaesarIA project).

Sorry, i’m forgot about bitbucket restrictions…
link to

Ok, this one I can download, and it even runs :slight_smile:
I tried starting a new game, and the main area stays black. Many strings seem to be missing from the english translation. I crashed the game by playing with the menus.

I don’t know if that’s expected, from the screenshots it looks like I should get something a bit more playable?

Good day, i found some troubles with memory allocation in game under haiku.

Fixed binary

This one works fine (in “load map” mode).
Great work you’re doing, thanks for porting it to Haiku!

Рюсский? Тогда ждём тебя в конфе:

  • Initial language is changed to English
  • mission engine recoding, add events with fixed birthtime, load mission localization when mission start, loading new mission after win
  • first training mission from original Caesar III ® added
  • widget for text display now show images like original game
  • work on macosx and haiku (on mac need to start in a full-screen mode, but may will be loss events from mouse)
  • Cyrillics symbols work on mac improved
  • fixed color scheme on mac
  • add tooltips on information layer “Religion” and “Education”
  • add event locust attack on farms with the subsequent consuming of a crop Is added for some time
  • add information layer of “Problems”
  • frequency of updating territory around the reservoir fixed, water layer sometimes vanished when was large number of consumers
  • Baths/fountains show warning message when constructed far from the reservoir
  • add new citizens opinions
  • fixed crash “Entertainment” layer if the house was left by inhabitants
  • calculation rating of culture equale such original game
  • fixed broke water layer near fountain at new month start
  • improved descriptions for farms and extracting buildings
  • fixed getting user home directory for linux
  • fixed crash when using fast load function on windows
  • fixed display of the unemployed near the senate building


PS need install SDL, SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf

  • Localization improved
  • MarketLady append market access to house, when it buy something
  • MarketLady now buy foods from warehouse also
  • House now comsume all type of foods, which available on market
  • MarketKid save/load fixed
  • Game not crashed if priest cannot load state from save
  • Fixed loading serviceman from save
  • Fixed display city wokers number on Employer’s adviser screen
  • Granary/Warehouse now may use “deliver good” order
  • Dock correct trade operation, only 2 workers active work from it
  • SeaMerchant now go away from city when buy all needed goods
  • Add stacktrace for informatively logging error
  • Fixed trade route save\load land type
  • Fixed merchant leave city if no trade operations did
  • Save game state improved, now save events from missions
  • TaxCollector fixed bug with big money collecting
  • capua.mission improved empire start state
  • empire map, now may contain drawble objects
  • entry point now correct loading from (caesarIII).sav files
  • EmperrorWindow display request improved
  • Fixed emperror requests complete
  • Tooptip widget displaing fixed
  • Tutrorial mission now use map from original story
  • City funds history fixed step add

Online installer

Offline installer

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I really love this game

Thank you to bring it for Haiku!

I spent many hours in a pentium 486 playing that

You can find source code here

Now may use native Caesar III© resources without repack to zip archives, use cmd option -c3gfx /path/to/caesar3_folder
Add Tarrentum mission (3 military)
Add sound options window
Add background music player
Increased interval between month change
Add drawing sprites over walkers in constuctions
Capua mission improved.
Add briefing screen for mission select
Now may load custom archives list, see game/resources/archives.model
Now hippodrome and chariot workshop work correctly
Fixed chariot animation
Governor’s houses now not need workers
Add project and compile instructions for Android build
Existence of necessary goods is displayed near factory
Loading window (map, mission or save) now show button for continue
Fixed farm broke carts when overload output store
Add animation for short information messages
Add confirmation dialog before dispatch emperor requesting goods
Factory production rates correct, now production rate equale carts/year
Granary now say about itself troubles
Now may open emperor adviser from senate infobox
MarketLady and MarketBuyer now load correctly, before those can lose here goods
Add house morale calculating
Add Mercury and Nepture divinities
Fountain now evolve/devolbe such terrain around
Factory now not applying any goods without workers
Buildings animated on crime/damage layer now
Now may switch netween same type buildings from infobox (keyboard button “,” and “.” )
Amphitheater now generate gladiators or actors when possible
Add citizens ideas about eduacation state in city
Engineer now have own ideas about city
BurningRuins have different animation interval by building
updater not download haiku-os specific file on windows


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