Sorry, man. I’m not often using jabber, you can find me in skype or by bitbucket page.
Thanks for your opinion, very glad to see russians in haiku community.


Спасибо! весьма приятная игрушка!
Скажите для контакта Ваш аккаунт в jabber, плизз, мой -



I think it’s rude when people respond to a thread in another language that the rest of the posts.
Please stop.



great another update


changes b1362

  • prefects attack enemy soldiers
  • atlas of animations redesign, fast search in the atlas, settings of animations in the configuration file
  • fish places cease to appear if in the city there is no river, or not access to the river
  • fix bug with a freeze citizens after loading game
  • road construction is corrected, now it no use existing roads
  • movement system for citizens use control points, not direction list
  • can use different speeds of movement for citizens
  • localization of the first training mission is corrected
  • city services reset when loading new game or saved
  • fix crash a sound theme at card change (pc)
  • add emperor and opportunity to send him gifts is added
  • add briefing for 4 missions and prepare of mission in Tarraco
  • In a repository stable branch is added, from where it is possible to download last stable sources
  • added garbage on water
  • way search now use deep water and shoal different
  • Employees try to find a way to the base if on a way was broken, instead of removal from map before
  • It is corrected shifts for low/ship bridges. Also bridges are drawn without auxiliary тайлов.
  • add ADB console ouptut
  • Now it is possible to hold a festival
  • fix the admission of processing of some events of a touchscreen on the android (the buttons are pressed by one tap)
  • loading games on android Is corrected


P.S. Need test on real machine, but i have only VM


If you like this game you can support us in Steam

Near time i add CaesarIA in Steam greenlight, you voice very important for me.
Thanks to all.


I’m watching :smiley:

Great version




Thank you for Haiku support! Caesar 3 and Pharaoh is one of my favorite games.

Plans for the future

  • realistic financial system (salaries, purchase of goods, job search)
  • specification of citizens, preservation of parameters of thoughts and formation of requirements
  • bog or seamlessness maps
  • terrain editing
  • computer players (cities) and simulation of a distribution network
  • network (web/local)

Must have for me.

P.S. +1 on Steam from me ;-).


Seems to be working just fine so far… Thanks for the port.


Thanks for your support, great games shouldn’t be forgotten.
If you see mistakes or erros(crash), please write about them on the bug tracker (or mail to me), debug(or crash) info can be found in stdout.txt near caesaria.haiku binary.


[] Romanian and french localization start
] Earthquake events add
[] Chief advisor show more city parameters
] House may grow with vacant place too
[] Factory stop when outstock full
] Add balista on tower and arrows for it
[] Localization improved, less textholders now
] Now tower need soldier for produce wall guards
[] Rating advisor now correctly say what you need for raise culture rating
] Entertainment buildings now have self troubles that show in information window
[] Improved city troubles information layer, now buildings without troubles not showing on map
] Non-flat gardens now draw correctly
[] Add video event when start epidemy in city
] Add empire tax
[] Add rome spearman and mounted and fort for those.
] Imperial request now deisplay with movie
[] Improved attack alg from enemy soldiers, now more lot of walkers at one tile
] Android add “Enter” button on action bar
[] Windows and layers now close by Escape press
] Fixed calculating gods relation such original game
[] Add links to steam page and home page from start menu
] Second tutorial mission fixed adviser enable event
[] Farm/Warehouse tiles drawing fixed, now show all tiles.
] Calculating relation interval for gods less to one week
[] Add different color for selected menu item
] Workers wage now may change from employers advisor window
[] Add play sound when tutorial window show
] Add system warning about lost original resources
[] City information layer for damage now display animations
] fix crash, when debug output cannot be created
[] Imperial request reminder window add
] Show warning message when inland lake dock built

Online installer ~1.5Mb

Offline installer ~100 Mb


  • Fountains hire workers
  • Recruiters do not get stuck now near base buildings
  • For the festival take money from treasure
  • Add hot buttons as the original (layers, advisors)
  • Is shown in the construction of buildings price
  • Can be built under the plaza residents
  • Under the barn is now possible to walk
  • Rating calculated world
  • Corrected scripts missions
  • Prefect now responsible if was attacked
  • Bugfixes
  • Soldiers now may return to fort
  • Improved troops formation change
  • Not build construction if walkers on building area
  • Add house degrade/upgrade from 12 to 20 level
  • Labor orders now work
  • and many more fixes and improves



Could you commit a recipe file to haikuporter. Here’s an example recipe of an SDL game
This way, it would be possible to provide an hpkg package with the game.




I was surprised how easy it was to install since HaikuDepot made it a snap to add the missing SDL files.

Thank for the work.


I have the original game on CD here, what resources from it do I need and where do I put them? I’m guessing its only the demo data included.


Good day.
You need copy videos from CD to game/resources/smk
If you want play other maps or saves you need copy those to game/resources/maps
Also if you want use original resources, not my, you need copy *.sg2 and *.555 files to game/resources/gfx, then change game/resouces/archives.model files when set paths to new gfx pack
Also you may use own graphics pack for remake
if you have mode question you can send me email to dalerank n8 [at] gmail dot com )))


New build available (b1816)

  • Fixed parameters gardens, now they pass citizens
  • Added the dialogue out of the game
  • Audio convert to OGG
  • Fixed OpenGL capacity, added shaders postprocessing (test)
  • Fixed loading mechanism of the original texture archives sg2
  • Burning ruins correctly removed
  • Fixed a mechanism for collecting taxes and paying workers wages
  • Added water waves
  • Information in the window of the building added buttons to the other buildings of the same type
  • Added a transition to a legion of windows Military Adviser
  • Form donations to city improved
  • Added the display of hostile objects on map (wolves, enemies)
  • Inproved information window for factory
  • Fixed a crash when loading scenario events
  • On a randomly maps add river and road. Randomly cards are now playable.
  • Corrected pricing gift Emperor rules
  • Corrected retention rank ruler
  • Added file offsets textures done to add their textures without change game code.
  • Modified model textures get home, you can add new home’s texture without changing game code
  • Method of save data of map replaced with a more compact and fast
  • Changed the credits scene
  • and some others




Cooler game!


Hi, I hope you like this game, if you have the ability to repaint some of the images I will be very grateful to you. Thanks

Build 1852 available

  • Destruction of buildings with workers kill some peoples, others are returned to their homes
  • Added seventh mission in Tingis
  • Added it to German, Spanish and English sounds
  • Demoralized soldiers leave the Legion
  • Well now well decrease helath around if ill home in area, such original game
  • Menu stretched to the bottom of the screen
  • For android change additional buttons
  • add report when coliseum start work
  • Reduced the risk of fire to the northern provinces, and increased for desert
  • Added milestones population of 500, 1000 and other
  • Fixed cities options loading in mission
  • Tiles can now contain any information about themselves, done fot future
  • When the forum is destroyed (enemy or disaster), the city will lose some money
  • Enemy soldiers got a new priority of attack - government buildings, mainly used for the legions of Caesar
  • Added the settings window of the city (you can enable \ disable the influence of the gods)
  • Fixed path finding for citizens, now can view object’s path with shortkey (Ctrl + Shift +4)
  • Added plaza 2x2 tile, built automatically if there is a single tile 4 plazas
  • Displays a message that the way to the game should not have nonlatin symbols (mostly error occurs on Windows)
  • The festival reduces the criminal situation in the city
  • now can move the camera when cursor in edge of the screen
  • Fixed show roads and aqueducts under construction
  • Autosave and fast saves are now saved under different names
Download for haiku


Hi, All!
I just build last version remake of Caesar III for Haiku. Some time ago we finished crowdfunding for new art and music. Fun play :slight_smile:

Download from