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I may be missing the obvious, but I can’t see how to subscribe to a ticket to be notified of changes or extra comments? This is for a ticket someone else raised, but I commented on.


In the “Properties” section at the top (or whatever it’s actually called – “Reported by”, “Owned By”, etc.), there’s a “Cc:” field. Just enter your nick in there, and you should get mail when anyone adds to the ticket.

That only works for devs, The rest of us interested in a ticked have no way of adding our name to the Cc list.

Darn – you’re right! Very odd, because I know I’ve done it in the past. In fact I went and looked at an early ticket, and I can see the point at which I added my Cc. Can’t change the entry now though…

Maybe the default permissions changed during an upgrade at some point or were hardened to stop spam or something.


We don’t have very finegrained control on permissions on Trac. At some point we allowed any user to change the ticket data (including the Cc field), but people kept randomly adding keywords and moving tickets between milestones in an attempt to nudge devs into fixing things quicker. So now, only the developers can edit those fields.
I think you do get notifications after you comment to a ticket, so I’d suggest that, although it generates some useless noise if all you have to say is “+1”.

Here’s the specific ticket I’m referring to:

I added a comment and attachment, but I didn’t get any notification when you added another comment (and changed assignee). So I need to keep checking on the ticket in case there’s updates or patches I can test etc.


Ok, seems that also went broken then :frowning:
I added you to the Cc list manually but we should find a better way to handle this. Maybe the “watchlist” trac plugin is a good candidate.

Thanks for adding me to the cc list :slight_smile:

I think it would be a good idea to see if a solution can be found for this before the beta branch, as I expect you’d want to try to get more testers at that point. That plugin sounds good, because it looks like it couldn’t be abused by spammers in any useful (to them!) way.


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