Suggestion - New "bugtracker" category in forum

Own Category for "— Bug tracker—"

It would be nice to have a own category for the bug tracker in the Haiku Community, so the Haiku user can discuss various questions about specific bugs here!

So the ticket with its ticket-numbers could be used to easy follow the progresses of a bug, enhancement or blocker.

Especially to avoid developer frustration and wasted time keeping the Bug tracker clean and readable…

Suggestions/propositions welcome

Just post to the bug tracker? I don’t want to have to check two places for bug reports, especially not two places for the same bug

No, I don’t want to discuss common user questions to the bug tracker!

Bug reports belong to the bug tracker!
Developer questions too.

Questions like mine: “Why is this a blocker?” or why is this a bug, doesn’t belong to the bug tracker! Better to look here.

No, both of those questions are for bugs and belong on the bugtracker and are regularily discussed here. posting it here is just annoying, as a developer i wont know that someone asked about my ticket.

TL;DR: if it concerns a ticket post it on the bugtracker, not here.

The problem is that people new to Haiku already tend to report bugs here before doing it on Trac or Haikuport issues tracker. I understand the need but maybe IRC would be a better place for this. On forums, I would avoid to add more confusion.

Sure bug report belong to the bug-tracker! Not here!
Why do you do not understand my point of view?

It might be interesting to read news about a specific bug or enhancement as news for the Haiku user.

I’d say, if you want to talk about some ticket from the user perspective that you reckon would just distract in the ticket itself, nobody can prevent you from doing that. You can’t expect the devs to monitor the forum and give any insights from their perspective, of course.
I don’t see the need for its own category, however, until those threads become numerous and frequent.

the rss feed is for exactly that, you cant expect devs to copy everything to the forums needlesly, that would be a huge ammount of work for very little gain.


I have moved this discussion to a separate topic, as I don’t understand why you decided to append it to an unrelated discussion that was inactive since 2016.

I guess you have posted this in reaction to waddlesplash revusing to answer your question on the bugtracker about #17256 (Make libshared symbols hidden) – Haiku

I think waddlesplash was wrong, the information you asked for belongs in the ticket, and I have replied there. I would appreciate if we can keep it at that, but now you have started two forum topics about it, and the goal of these is unclear to me.

Having the information in the tickets can help us remember why we’re doing something in a certain way (especially if a ticket stays open for a long time, multiple years is not uncommon) and it helps user and new developpers understand what’s going on. So it makes contributions easier. If tickets have only an incomplete description and the full story only lives in the head of a developer or two, it doesn’t make an environment where other people can join the team and start fixing things, since no one can understand what needs to be fixed, how and why.


Yes, it was probably fair to actually answer the question. There was just a round of various users asking “what needs to be done?” on that and other tickets, and I was probably a little short because that came after the question was asked on other tickets that had explanations and known details already.