[BUG?] Native email client shows a blank icon in tray area


As well as the key switcher, it only shows a thin stripe instead of US/HE etc.

These problems appeared after I upgraded the system through SoftwareUpdater.

~> uname -a 
Haiku shredder 1 hrev52295+117 Nov 20 2018 15:41 x86_64 x86_64 Haiku

Tried reinstalling KeySwitcher no luck.


Resizable tray probably needs to be merged back to beta1 branch for KeymapSwitcher to work correctly. I think both bugs are fixed in nightlies.


I have reinstall the base system. Now everything working now. Just the email client still display a blank icon in the tray area.


Same problem here for a long time, maybe before Beta 1


I get the mail tray icon when using the 32 bit flavor, but it is missing in 64 bit Haiku. Even on the latest nightlies.


IIRC this https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/commit/?id=68d50ca8a33b4ded4b4e9ebd08922284e9b2643f commit supposed to fix it.


For me the keymap switcher icon worked initially in Beta (64bit) but broke after an update I did through Software Updater. I think it’s broken for the last 2 haiku system updates.


The missing email Icon is back in the nightlys…
If you use Haiku Beta 1 you have to wait for Beta 2 to get to see your email icon again…
or you update to the latest nightly!
Info found here: https://www.haiku-os.org/blog/kallisti5/2018-09-11_repository_update/


If that fixed it, there has been a regression. I didn’t switch from beta back to the nightlies until mid December. I have yet to see the mail icon in tray in 64bit.


I just switched from Beta 1 today (22.Jan 19)


This seems to be working for me as of 52796


It is working in the recent nightly…
not in the Beta hrev52295-117!


IMAP is completely broken in beta1, pop3 had some bugs too. Everything is now fixed in nightlies so I’d suggest to use that. Current nightlies have tons of other bugs fixed too.


It won’t work in the beta. It won’t work in an official release until next release.


so there are no updates for the beta 1 available?
It does’nt work… thats why?


Beta1 was a code freeze back in September. This means any new features and fixes will most likely not be back ported to it, except for security patches. For more recent developments, you either need to use the nightlies or wait until the next official release later this year. I highly suggest checking out the nightlies.

This is most likely going to be the same proceedure in the future, as this is the same as was done with the Alpha releases.