BootMan vs BootManager trivial curiosity

I’ve missed a lot of news due to my extended absence from the community. I have a simple curiosity that’s been bugging me. Why the switch from BootMan to BootManager? Was this a functional upgrade or simply nominal?

Simply renamed, thats all.
Sounds better, not so cryptic.


Boo Hiss, I’ll cry about it then. BootMan has a better, unique ring in my ears. Kinda steampunk two syllable like TankGirl. I’ve been accused of being overly nostalgic a time or hundred. BootManager it is, then. I can live with that, however utilitarian and dull that sounds.

There was a discussion about it at the mailing list, afaik the reason was: this was the only gui program which had shorted name.
The naing scheme is really ok in Haiku, but horribly strange on linux. A good example: YAST : Yet Another Setup Tool or what.

I have just returned to the community after a decade + hiatus. I must have missed that memo while I was away. :wink:

Now that networking is working for me like a boss, next step is to get Mail working for me. Then I’ll be able to get back on the lists and catch up. If I understand correctly, firewalling may need port forewarding set. I tried to no avail before. I’m currently working on that and 20 dozen other things I’ve been meaning to do requiring networking. Thanks again.