Board won't boot Haiku

I just got ahold of a couple SuperMicro X7DCL-I rev1.1a boards. Dual Xeon E5420 (4 cores each), 16gb registered ECC (2x8gb, 2Rx4)dimms. Haiku won’t boot. Black screen, no splash icons, eventually shows out of range on monitor. Boots Windows, FreeBSD and OpenBSD fine, xorg works.

Are you booting from USB? Are you booting a recent revision there have been a few multi socket fixes recently though KGPE-d16 isn’t fixed quite yet.

You’ll need to provide more info, I assume this board has a serial port built in so you can log that as the easiest way especially if you want to try booting with a bunch of different options to see if anything changes. Hit the spacebar to get into the bootloader options menu and try disabling SMP or APIC etc… and see if that gets it booting for starters.

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USB key. Yes has serial, but I don’t yet have a null modem or a second box w serial to monitor from. Working on that. I’ll try boot options.

Edit(removed link as I’m not 100% sure that serial adapter is what I thought… hate those vague Amazon descriptions). CP2102+ZT213 (that’s the usb to serial chipset I’d reccomend).

It’s CDC-ACM and should even work with Haiku in theory… I keep a cheap Lenovo x140e around for such tasks, doesn’t hurt that it’s nearly indestructible.

I’m pretty fond of the CP2102 chip… it’s a straight forward USB-serial chip with a standard driver.

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