I’m trying to port Bibletime to Haiku. Before I begin, I have to port the sword engine. I followed the instructions on crosswire website ( ). I get errors when I try to run make. Willing to post more if someone wants to help.


Don’t ask to ask just ask! Anyway I am sure many people would enjoy having Bibletime.

Also see this it already works on Haiku.

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I would love to run Scripture Guide except it has some GUI bugs and the Book Manager doesn’t work at all. Trying to recompile it results in a vector.h file not found and I don’t think that’s a Sword include file.

As for BT, is there a way to pipe the output to a file so I can post it?

Hi bromichaelhenry,

i like your attemp to bring sword library to haiku.

I would suggest that you try to join in the team / the Project of scricpture guide on sourceforge.

They are really experienced developers (darkwym was long time a core developer for Haiku and jan_64 developed the yab basic programming language)
I am shure they will help you if the times allows it.

Also to bring the Sword Libraray to Haiku would maybe motivate me to start again haiku development…

So if no one answers your request… just contact me and we start over with the foundation of scripture guid :slight_smile:

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A few years back when I was running Zeta, Jan said no more updates to Scripture Guide. While I love BibleTime, I would love even more for Scripture Guide to be updated. For instance, Darkwymn and Jan was going to use netpositive to display. I would love to see it use webpositive.

As for Sword/Bibletime, I’m having issues with clucene. Also, the build instructions are horribly wrong according to the mailing lists. So, I’m focusing on getting the sword library to build. Most problems look like they are in the make files.

I’m not much of a developer, just computer nerd, associate pastor who REALLY wants to use Haiku full time, and this is my last hold out.

My email is bromichaelhenry at


OK here we go:

The first Scripture Guid compiled on Haiku.
Pls all who are intrested download it and test it.
Pls give me Feedback.

Next Step for me is to look at the Module Manager… if this will take more time because i dont have any internet acces on my haiku machine at the moment.

But with installing the modules buy hand it should work

I already asked for access at sourforge for scripture guide but they didnt responded jet… so we will ee maybe we need to start a new project out of it.

God bless you all

btw: bromichaelhenry to pipe the output to a file you just need to do
command >> file.txt

Hi all together

i badly neeed your testing.
My haiku box has no internetconncetion and to test the new compiled ScriptureGuideModulManager
you need internet.
Can somone try if this SGManager works for downloading biblemodules??
If it dont work pls run it from terminal and hand me over if there is any output.

Just post Feedback here or contact me THANKS


I downloaded it and it works for me. But there is a little bug, if I double click the root not of the tree the applicatopn crashs.

Robert S. aka Negr0

Ok i am on the way to plan the new release. But i need some tester. You need to download the latest sword port (also the dev files) Then download the git reposytory
Cd. Inro ScriptureGuideManager directory type make then cd… \Scriptureguide type setarch x86 (if you are on a gcc2_x86 sytem) then make & make bindcatalogs cd… \App run ScriptureGuideManager and then run Scriptureguide feeback and translations ( needed :slight_smile:


It would be nice to see this working automatically on systems with package management.


thats already working since the last version… maybe you need to uninstall the handpacked 0.80-4 scripture guide from clasm repository and install scripture guide_x86 … or do i get your request wrong?
A recepie is already in progress :smiley: But i want to deliver a app where the most bugs are ironed out :smiley:


No I haven’t tried installing it in awhile so didn’t realise you had fixed that.

If you could try the one from my repo, this would be great… and also suggestions (features) which would help you to make it more usable are verry welcome.


Short update since i have some sparetime… :slight_smile:
The new Version now supports localisation. You can help with translating on this website:

As you can see there is now also support for selecting a Verse.
Search has massivly improved (for my needs :wink: ) you can now select several entrys and copy and paste them to a nother programm. It now also it displays a whole paragraph if you select a search result. And also it marks the found word in the verse. Plus it now supports Drag… this means you can select a verse drag it into the ScriptureGuide Window and it will open this text passage… also if you drag it onto the desktop, the Verse or Verses are stored in plain text.

if you double klick on a entry it will open a new Scripture Guide Window and highlight the given verse.

Some bug fixes are too there… :wink:

Feature Requests are also welcome so that i can see whats next to focus on…

My two next goals are:

  • Comparison of different translations (in different Columns)
  • Better Notes System (taking Notes akkording to Vereses maybe also supporting pictures / files)

Since these two are really really big… it will last long until you can see them taking shape.


I love this idea!
Drag and drop is very great to have (BeOs, Haiku way)
Good work!

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Year but thats the hardest to put in place… since i need to write a own text and layoutsystem from ground up …so i think this will last the longest… :slight_smile:

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Which digital Bible versions (formats) can I use with BibleTime (

since bibletime and ScriptureGuide also uses the sword backend. the text first need to be converted into a module.
but if you browse the modules… with SGManager it will show a NeÜ translation as well
you can donwload it by hand and unzip it in /home/config/settings/sword
(for the latest and futureprove path :smiley:) i would suggest do download the latest code and compile it… for this…
Since its not yet reviewed from the HaikuArchive Owner… :frowning:
and because of this… there is no recepie yet to create a hpkg.

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Danke sehr !

Ok here are some updates…
the Recepie for the new version 0.9.1. is still not accepted… :frowning: so no new (or working version in haikuports… for now… i am still working on this…

I had some spare time… (hollidays) so i started to look into some of the planned features… since it has been a while since i developed for haiku it took me way longer than planned…

Here the first Screenshot…

It dosent look different but the whole rendering is now done by a own BibleTextDocument class (i borrowed the code from HaikuDepot).
This will give use (after a lot lot more work) the posiblity to compare bibleverses betweend different Translations…

This is the first working screenshot… there is a lot stuff to iron out before this new system can catch up to where 0.9.1 is at the moment.

A nother thing which you can see - the selection of the books, chapter and verses are gone… It´s replaced with a “universal” Searchfield.
The goal (not working yet) is to enable the programm to figure out if the
typed in text is a Bibleverse or a search term. - So you can handle reading bible and searching from one Window…

Just leav me a comment about what you think :slight_smile: