Beyond Haiku R1

Just kind of curious, but are there any planned features that will likely only come after R1? Asking this since many of the original Glass Elevator proposals are already in present-day Haiku:

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There is an updated list available

We don’t really have a roadmap that works this way. The difference between R1 and R2 is not that much in terms of features. Currently, things that get put in the R2 milestone are changes that require changes to the API and prevent BeOS apps from working.

Since R1 is in beta phase, in theory no new features should get in it. But working only on bugfixes for a few years would be boring for developers, so from time to time, some new things still get added. (and also because we try to keep Haiku reasonably modern and usable).


Ah ok, thanks for clarifying!

From skimming the various R2 tickets, Create LIght and Dark themes prolly seems to be the most plausible one that could be moved later on into R1. There is already a package in HaikuPorts (flatstyle) that has various flat themes, including attempts at light and dark Haiku themes, While the light one works seems to work well enough the dark themes expose many hardcoded colours not just in BeOS apps, but Haiku programs as well; @nhtello made them and their efforts (and some problems found in apps) can be found in this forum topic.

The next most likely one might be the notification center, as that already has a somewhat working implementation from years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t really know much about how notifications are handled in Haiku to provides any other reasons besides that.

I thought the Components section of that Glass Elevator archive was interesting… it reminds me of Automator on MacOS.

There was a software with some sort of automation functionality there where ideas for this:

I even rember that there was an app alredy partly finished (used it years ago) but i forgot thename of it :frowning:

I think you are referring to Filer. It has those features which you describe. Available in HaikuDepot.

Besides being on HaikuDepot, the code is available here:

To me x86 are R1 x64 are R2 .

R1 = rebuild beos 32bit
R2 = 64bit with 32bit support

No one knows if R2 will have 32bit support. No one knows if R1 may end up being 64bit with 32bit support, either (possibly because hardware manufacturer stop providing 32bit compatible CPUs at some point).

Nothing is set in that area, nothing is set for anything else except the fact that R2 is allowed to not be compatible with BeOS for some things. We still have to decide how we plan to make the transition smooth and painless for users (possibly by having R2 somewhat compatible with R1, but maybe not, again, nothing is decided).