Best pixel art apps and widgets

What is everyone’s favorite native pixel art editors/processors? Also what all native svg editors are available?

I’m assuming Wonderbrush is a fan favorite.

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Unfortunately it’s still missing on the 64bit Haiku world. I wonder if it is coming to 64bit soon.

Hopefully it will with the new version. :slight_smile:


Stippi does not have the source of WonderBrush 2.0 available at the moment, so we have it only on 32bit version.

But He us working on WonderBrush 3.0, but let him time to make it great


Stippi did find the source to WonderBrush v2 and merged already some PRs by waddlesplash some changes.

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Need to somehow get Refraction open sourced.

And we should also try to open source Pixel32 (I tried to contact the author but got no answer).

My favorite pixelart tool is of course grafx2 (, which I develop myself, so even if it’s not native you can expect good support for Haiku.

If you want native apps already available, Becasso and Artpaint may also be worth a look, even if they may not be rpoduction ready yet.

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It looks great (i always liked pixel art). Fix the link tho, i think there’s a typo there.

I remember when Pixel32 development was really active back in the day. I think it was supported on multiple platforms at the time.