BeOS 5 PE software archive


Apologies for the thread necromancy, but I’ve found an interesting ftp site with a ton of old BeOS software, mostly R5 vintage by the look of it.


Archive completed.
Total size is 9.93 GB. And 7080 files.

BeOS 5 PE software archive torrent file you can download here:

Here is a listing of the archive:

Please share this torrent to torrent sites.


I suspect I won’t have a four-day window for downloading it any time soon… (:-/).

Is there anybody with some web space to spare who could host an unpacked version of the archive? It wouldn’t exactly be BeBits, but it would mean a user could find individual stuff of interest and grab it.


BitTorrent downloads things in parts and knows how to resume a download; you can do it over time in several sessions.

That sounds useful. If damoklas doesn’t do it, I can set it up. In about four days…


I’m going to just share this archive via torrent. My Internet connection is not very suitable for this matter… I hope that someone in the future will be able to spread this torrent, or in some other way make it accessible.
Archive is not a unitary file, there is no need to unpack it, you can, what you want to download via torrent separately if the torrent program allows it.


I assumed that 's why you’re doing it that way.

Seems to me the more ways it’s available, the better!

As I was telling Alex on BeShare, I’m completely unfamiliar with the BitTorrent scheme… Glad to know that it can be accessed in pieces. I’ll give it a try when I get a chance.


Better for one purpose may be worse for another… I think it is good to have all kinds of ways.
Torrent is the easiest way to share files, especially with many people at once.


As I was telling Alex on BeShare, I’m completely unfamiliar with the BitTorrent scheme… Glad to know that it can be accessed in pieces. I’ll give it a try when I get a chance.[/quote]

At least in Transmission, in the list of files in the torrent, you can give priority to downloading particular files. On your hard drive, the torrent is a directory tree of the files within (initially populated with placeholder files), so once it’s finished that particular file (transmission shows a percentage complete number for each file), you can grab it from your hard drive.


Okay, looks like everyone interested has downloaded a copy. I’ll leave mine seeding for a while (maybe years?).

Here are emulators that work with BeOS.


Here are emulators that work with BeOS.[/quote]

Seems that something I not included in the Archive…
Can we update the torrent?


Maybe there are other software not included in the archive…
You can still check, torrent available.


It has this ftp of Greece, full of old software for BeOS! It is a mirror copy of


There will be a new version of the torrent.
It will be expanded and reorganized “Emulators” section.
Removed old bebits website copy (?).
It is also a good opportunity to add additional items or fix something, please suggest.
I think, for those who already have a torrent downloaded do not need to download whole torrent again, only to update it (partially redownload).
I think the whole of this operation should be given a few weeks, maybe a month.


If you still have broken files, you can search the filenames on to see if some FTP site somewhere has a non-corrupt copy.


I found one, possibly BeOS program:
Maybe someone could check? I now do not have access to BeOS or Haiku computer.


So, one of the biggest drawbacks of the Web:
everything less popular in it is very temporary and easily disappear.


If the directory names and file names are the same as in the older torrent, clients like Transmission will reuse the old files with the new torrent (after doing an automatic checksum check to make sure the file contents are the same).


I suggest adding the Roland BeOS image for archival purposes.

The image can be found at:


Can you provide direct link to file?
And to what category I must put this file?
What is it?