BeGeistert 2018 - Registration deadline - 01-04. November 2018


Just doing a quick search, for curiosity, shows price going to 176€/night for a single / double room in Oct 30 at booking page :thinking: Unless i choosed another ZHotel haha.


Probably the wrong one. The Shoreditch is always under 100 even last minute. I’ll find a few options anyway - no need to worry.


We really should do it in Moscow this year then, that won’t be cheaper, but i always wanted to visit it…

At the end i’ll just pack a bivy and sleep in the park, but i won’t pay that much :slight_smile:


hello adam

a youth hostel is near by your office (1.7miles). The price for 3 nights without breakfast (as not member of youth hostel) in a 6 bed room is 117,- euro.
can you check if that an option for the event.

German youth hostel member get 10% off. personalrooms cost 280,53 euro.

can you please write the currency in your Post?


Hi there. Yes I already have worked it out, including a youth hostel option. I’m just waiting for approval from our office before I write a new post (BeGeistert 2019 options). :slight_smile: I get 20% off at the hostel so its even cheaper :smiley:


On which date do you plan the event


Currently looked at 31 Oct - 03 Nov just because someone mentioned those dates, but I’m not stuck to them or anything. Weekends are generally cheaper that time of year in London than during the week.


Since I’m actually from the UK and used to live in London I don’t have any excuse for not swinging by. I’ll see you folks there.


It’s not all decided and confirmed yet… I’m just looking at one potential option.

The other is Sheffield/Chesterfield of course! :wink: a bit nearer for me


Hello Adam,

do you have new information for us.


Let me chase this tomorrow.