BeGeistert 2018 - Registration deadline - 01-04. November 2018


We should hold this discussion on top?



Pinned. You should remind people on the mailing lists as well. Many subscribers there don’t often come into the forums.


I had no idea about this event, until this thread resurfaced, and September would’ve been great but the registration page now says November. That overlaps with a birthday I can’t miss, so I’m bummed. And it was just two days ago that I read fishing is allowed permit-free in Hamburg and I pinned the city on my list, just in case I ever get there.

Is the date really set in stone for the first days of November? :expressionless:


Hello Nico,

the date is fixed. No other date is possible this year in Hamburg.
Too bad that it is not possible for you.



The last two days to register now.


Hi, I would be glad if we could forgive the last bed. Please look again, if you can not set it up yet.


The link for the registration is still open.

Thank you.



Hello everybody, all beds are occupied. No more space available. Only day visitors are possible.


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