software archive for download


I’m looking to download software archive (emulators) from

Most of all I’m looking for

Please help.

The old site is available at

maybe you can try compile bsnes from source … i’ve try but failed :frowning:

Why do you you need that? Have you tried to use snes9x_libretro from haikudeport?

Or you can test this one. It use to work back when I put it there :slight_smile: if that’s bsnes you are talking bout

some game seem refuse to load… and i feel snes9x is more fun…

1 Like from - download links and some sub-sites aren’t working.

(it’s bsnes emulator btw).

Isn’t there some ftp site or so (like pulkomonkey’s) where I can download the files from (including bsnes)?

To be frank…the snes9x_libretro just does not work for me. We need a ZSNES or BSNES native Haiku app…not some Internet dependent software that maybe works. Gamers like me want a stand-alone SNES app to play natively and that is not Internet dependent.

I currently use ZSNES inside of DosBox to play–gets interesting sometimes.

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Same here, no need for xxx_libretro! Makes things complicated if someone only needs snes or besnes! It is user unfriendly and it is not as fast and easy to use than the much better to use Snes and Zsnes…
I think I got them on BeShare! Should be still there though…

I wonder why there are not on HaikuDepot!

I really miss BeBits website, which someone saved at However, it lacks almost all the software that BeBits once possessed. That is where I used get all my ZetaOS software that I still use today. I still use BeS9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) : Snes9x BeOS Port version 1.41-1 and ZSNES. ZetaOS is still my daily driver and I play with Haiku.


@ArDrakho Bsnes emulator is probably the only one that besides excellent ‘Super nintendo’ emulation, also has also an excellent ‘Super game boy’ and ‘Super game boy 2’ emulation.

@ArDrakho as for putting native software for Haiku, I more of like excellent ‘BeOS 5’ software support on Haiku (not depending on HaikuDepot or such).

I’m still looking for a ftp site or so to download software and emulators archive from

Some older source archives for bsnes have been saved at:

@Begasus which is the last version which works on BeOS 5 (compiled for BeOS 5 and the source code).

On those sites I didn’t found bsnes version compiled for BeOS 5 (and the src).

From a quick look there they only provide the source packages for bsnes, not the BeOS patched source, I can’t tell which version is still working as I don’t have any packages for it, maybe someone could found out?

@ModeenF You did some work on it but that was about 6 years ago, maybe you could try to do some work there again? :wink:

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As it’s shown on the link for bsnes which I had posted previously, it dates from 2001 (bsnes for BeOS 5).

you can download a BeOS version from BeShare for 32bit

Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but I check the link for the BeSNES emulator in

And I managed to download the ZIP file without problem. The executable run perfectly on Haiku 32 bit:

Some day, perhaps :slight_smile: . Didn’t do anything as there was so many out there for Haiku. Have they vanished?

Snes9x-1.41-1 is still there, ZSnes_0717 is missing the source code.
Both only for 32bit, would be nice to have at least a 64bit build there.