Backup Program for Haiku


I had a couple on my BeOS or Zeta. I think one was Simple Backup, and the other was Siegfried Backup (I still have the CD) . Are there any current ones for Haiku-OS?


Instructions, methods, and tools for system recovery/restoration

Hello. SimpleBackup still are available in Haiku. You can found it in HaikuDepot.



Lbackup is available too


I’d almost just recommend writing a Shell script to do this job, like create partial or full shadow copies to the desired source.


Thanks, un_spacyar,

I tried searching in the HaikuDepot but I didn’t find it.


Just in case, there is the link :slight_smile:!/pkg/simplebackup/haikuports/2/0/1/-/1/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc2-PAIT