Backup Program for Haiku

I had a couple on my BeOS or Zeta. I think one was Simple Backup, and the other was Siegfried Backup (I still have the CD) . Are there any current ones for Haiku-OS?


Hello. SimpleBackup still are available in Haiku. You can found it in HaikuDepot.

Lbackup is available too

I’d almost just recommend writing a Shell script to do this job, like create partial or full shadow copies to the desired source.

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Thanks, un_spacyar,

I tried searching in the HaikuDepot but I didn’t find it.

Just in case, there is the link :slight_smile:!/pkg/simplebackup/haikuports/2/0/1/-/1/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc2-PAIT

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What’s the best way to back up my system?
Do you need to use redo-resque or a typical dd imager? Are there any native solutions on Haiku, a program inside a system?

Yes, the Installer application. Create a disk image, mount it and Install your existing system onto the image.


The disk image need to be a BfS image.

Here a quick tutorial about it: BeSly --- Haisly

For simple backups for you apps and system settings you can take a look at lbackup: or check out HaikuDepot for more solutions.

these solutions are rather half measures…

I love this feature. I highly recommend trying it out.

What functions are missing for a good backup program?

There is no registration in Haiku like in Windows, so it is usually sufficient to back up the config files (default programs and others) and, if you really want to, also the associated apps (in the form of hpkg files).

It may be the future, but an incremental copy to img, the ability to search and extract files from img

Each image file can be easily mounted and searched with the haiku search function. Copying from the image file is also no problem. I would just never back up an entire system.

Since most of the system is virtually mounted, it is difficult to search for data when the system is not started. Look at a partition that has Haiku installed but is not the booted OS. YOU will only find the system and home folders.

Just like that! Like old stylish Norton Ghost .

when it comes to windows, i’m with you, because installing the system and reinstalling all the programs takes hours on the road. But under haiku, that doesn’t make any sense in my eyes. It is installed quickly and the only thing you have to update or reinstall is quick and easy, since they are not linked everywhere in the system.