AviSynth+ scripting NLE frameserver


I’ve been tinkering around for the last few days in an effort to get AviSynth+ running on Haiku, and as you can see from the screenshot there, it works already; it didn’t even require all that much. There are a couple of things about the immediate port that need resolving, which are being tracked in the relevant pull request on Github.

Even video loading works, thanks to FFMS2 (which didn’t need any patching at all, although something is strange about ffmpeg not wanting to report stats when FFMS2 is loaded into the script environment):


Welcome qyot27!

Noice! AviSynth… reminds me of the good old times of ripping DVDs and piping it all thru half a dozen tools to burn it slowly to a regular DVD5. :slight_smile:

Nowdays AviSynth (and VapourSynth) offers mutch more, expecially as frameserving:

It was used to frameserve to an Mpeg2 encoder back then, too.