ArtPaint Release

The “What About ArtPaint?” thread was getting rather old and long, so I’m starting a new ‘official’ thread to announce new releases - and today I am happy to announce ArtPaint 2.6 is released!

The main focus of this release was improving brushes and painting, so now the current brush shows in the main status bar, and can be used for multiple tools (where it makes sense) - this means you can now use the Eraser tool with a soft-edged brush, for example.

The right-click context menu was replaced with the ability to draw in the background color so it’s easy to switch between the two colors as you are painting.

Brushes now show an outline of the brush shape, so no more guesswork as to how big a brush is or where it’s going to paint.

Many tools have a “Pressure” setting, so you can adjust the opacity without having to mess with a color’s alpha value.

Aside from painting improvements, selection outlines are now able to be translated, rotated, and scaled via the Selection menu. Also, ArtPaint files now have compressed layers so your project files will be much smaller on disk.

The last thing I’ll mention is that gradient drawing has gotten some love; it’s now much more intuitive to draw linear gradients, and three new types of gradients were added: radial, square, and conical. Gradients still only support two colors, however.

Please give the new version a try and feel free to file bugs and feature requests on the GitHub page!

Thanks as always to @humdinger for his tireless work testing my code, and keeping the amazing user guide up to date with all the changes. Also thanks to the army of translators who keep ArtPaint localized and accessible.

Here’s a celebratory screenshot in honor of the updated gradient tools:



Congrats on the new release and thanks for all the work you put into it! :ok_hand:


Brilliant job! It’s always great to see “native” applications receiving an update.
Thank you!.


Great work!
There is a user guide? Where?

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I just filed an issue for the documentation link on the GitHub project page. It’s stored in raw HTML in the documentation directory in the source code on GitHub.

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Has anything drastically changed in ArtPaint over the years? I used to maintain the PowerPC port for BeOS and I might have crack at building it again if it is all still similar to the original code. It’ll be “new”/modern C++ that kills it for PowerPC unfortunately.

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It’s included in the package, available from the menu ArtPaint | User manual…

Can’t judge how PPC compatible it still is, it doesn’t build with gcc2.95 on 32bit any more at least.

The link in the is fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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That is a red flag already :wink: If it is not building under the old BeOS compatible compiler - unlikely to work under PowerPC as the compiler was even more problematic. I probably need to get back to porting the rerto68 to BeOS PowerPC.

@humdinger do you when it stopped building w/ 32-bit gcc 2.95? Just wondering how hard that might be to resolve.

I didn’t find many references to that, just 32bit build fails · Issue #215 · HaikuArchives/ArtPaint · GitHub where I forgot to do a “setarch x86” to switch to gcc11. So it didn’t build with gcc2.95 a good while before that.

I’d say have people interested in a gcc2 build (as a step to PPC support) of ArtPaint investigate and submit patches. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t ArtPaint now use the Layout API and other Haiku-specific additions? Even if it was made to compile with GCC2, that will preclude BeOS usage.

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Yes it does. That makes sense, thanks!

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No problem.@memsom just has to finish the PPC port of Haiku first… :slight_smile: