Are you an Apple fan?

It seems to me that Apple, BeOS, Haiku, NextStep but also Amiga have a sense for a good GUI that Windows and Linux seem to miss. I know that BeOS and Next have personal connections to Apple, so this similarity isn’t a big surprise.

I personally don’t understand the love for Apple systems, but I know people who are enthusiastic Apple users.

So, is Apple great for you?


I’ve been a longtime Mac user. Though no company makes the perfect computing solution. Apple gets it pretty close. They pay attention to detail.


It used to be. I started using Mac OS professionally around 2008, and it was such a refreshing change from all the struggles and pain of Windows and Linux from the rest of my career. Everything just worked, and worked well. I really loved MacOS.

However, over time it’s gotten worse and worse. Things like multiple monitor support are still bad. The hardware is annoying, with things like having only USB-c ports require hubs and adapters. At my current job I had the choice of a MacBook or a windows laptop and I came REALLY close to picking the windows machine.


For me, it is. I have a Macbook Air M1 which is really fast and very stable. I can work a whole day without charging the battery. I like Mac OS and the quality of the hardware.
Same with my iPhone 13 Pro. Very good hardware and IOS is pretty good as well.
Both are not cheap but you can use it for around 7 years (Don’t know exactly) before it’s end of life. And then Haiku or Linux will be installed on this Macbook and life goes on. I have a 27" iMac from 2010 and it works really good with elementary Linux every day. Afterall I really like the Apple computers and Mac OS as well. But I also like Linux, Haiku and BSD. I like to buy a product for long term use. And not to buy a new one every few years.

I use some apple devices, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan… such big companies don’t need fans. I’m sure they have central air conditioning.

I do like MacOS aqua, I want to make a controllool that is inspired by it :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t really agree…

Windows 95 was very good at GUI. They reworked everything from the ground up and made great efforts to get it right. Other parts of the OS had their problems, but on the GUI side it is very consistent and readable.

Classic Mac OS was also good, but the few times I had to use Mac OS X it felt like an unfinished merge of incompatible concepts from Mac OS and NeXT. Which had completely different views about thing and I don’t think can be blended together into a single consistent thing.

Modern Windows and Linux are in a similar place: a lot of different toolkits, which means no one has any reason to be consistent with existing apps, and everyone ends up rendering their app with their own company-branded theme or so. There are good attempts on Linux side to create unified GUIs but I don’t agree with the design choices of the GNOME team. Maybe I should run more Qt/KDE apps instead of GTK ones on my Linux systems. In any case, while there are nice projects here and there, there are too many of them, and that prevents concentrating progress towards a single goal. But on the other hand, no one would agree on the single goal if there was a single very large project.

Until now Haiku has maintained some isolation from this. We will see if we can continue that despite now having a lot of ported apps. Can we still “isolate” from them and focus on integrating native apps even better?


Rich and colorful, this is my fun.
i don’t like there are just two common system in the world, windows or unix-like(macos, linux,FreeBSD).
it is dull。

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Would love to see AmigaOS make a big comeback.

I’m assuming you know about:


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Yes! Also know about MorphOS.


is it support to do office work?
play video at website?

i write article with becjk , watch “the flash” with otta.
can these OS do?

can these OS be support those application?
libreCAD 和 QCAD 绘图建模工具
Calibre 电子书epub阅读
blender 三维动画创作套件

if not, i don’t think it is meaning “common” or “General”。

Not all Haiku users use it only because of the user interface,but also because it’s free software and doesn’t have any forms of telemetry/tracking built-in,which is a huge pain on most modern OSes.
While I absolutely appreciate the nice and consistent user interface of Haiku,I see freedom and privacy as much more important priorities,so I would never ever use anything from Apple.
Their OSes and devices may look nice,and maybe they even work good in the way Apple wants,but for me they feel like a digital prison.
I’ve done nothing wrong,so I don’t deserve to be jailed in a digital prison :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to install and run whatever I want,downloaded from wherever I want,be it Github,Sourceforge or the developers website,without being limited to a centralized appstore.
I know that this applies more to iPhones than Mac,but that’s also Apple and I’ve thought more about getting an iPhone so far as Android is awful in its own way and classic Windows x86 computers can be freed quite easily.
While a Mac on the desktop gives you a little bit more freedom,it also has stupid restrictive technologies built-in.
Remember when some Apple server was down and you couldn’t start any third-party applications (which were already installed) because the Mac couldn’t contact Apple to verify the signature?
For me that’s an absolute No-Go,and besides its great GUI,Haiku also does everything right regarding that topic.


if you want to be a Internet celebrity,you should use MAC apple phone for high efficacy。
if just email、vedio、chat、web-searching, Android phone is cost performance。

computer is the base of modern productive for now.
still more important than phone.
in my eye, haiku is better than windows2000 now.
if R1 stable , haiku will be better than windowsXP or close to windows7 as a common system.

by the way,i hear about linux phone.
would it become popular?

NO, most definitly not!!!

Over priced hardware, weird O/S that is half FreeBSD with their Aqua desktop, & locked in software.

I quit Windows a long time ago because of their attempt at ‘owning’ my computer… Linux & BSD were definitely the way to go.

Now there is a 3rd choice, & a very promising one too… Haiku r1/b4. it’s almost there, just a few more tweaks maybe, so that more people can put it on their hardware.


I used an iMac G3 twenty years ago.
Beautiful and very stable.
But Apple is too expensive and worst of all:
It uses a proprietary OS.
Since 2008, I only use open source.
also because I hate vendor lockin.
For me, GNU/Linux, GhostBSD,
and Haiku nowadays.

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This thread is destined to head toward a flamefest. :fire: :fire: :fire:

Fair warning before it starts: If people choose to waste their time discussing Apple fandom, have at it. But keep it civil, or the thread gets locked.


The M1/M2 CPU laptops are desirable because of their speed and energy efficiency. But on the other hand, they are expensive, and not upgradable (components are soldered to the motherboard). So if you want to upgrade, you need to buy another laptop. And if the Apple login is forgotten or isn’t issued with a used laptop, you can’t unlock the thing. That’s all wasteful in itself.

Re:Amiga-like operating systems

The Amiga-like operating systems have little or no support for multithreading. The Amiga originally was one of the first computers to come with semi-modern graphics acceleration for 2D graphics. Now everything else does 3D graphics acceleration and the vast majority of the native code doesn’t work without an emulator.

I like that they are lightweight operating systems but having only single-core PPC or 68k to choose from are not good choices for modern times.

Re:Apple Macintosh

I liked 10.6 Snow Leopard. Ever since then it has been a downhill slide.

Same here, iMac G3 we used at IT-school, and it was crashing often like windows at that time.

never cared for Mac and the vendor lock-in

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