Applications needed!

anyone has any ideas/suggestions for common applications needed in haiku, i can develop some

Hi Rene!

Since NetPenguin won’t work anymore on Haiku, a FTP app would be nice. Even better, IMO, would be to fix what’s keeping FTP-fs from running. Having FTP integrated in Tracker is even better than a separate client.

Others have probably other needs. You can also have a look at the projects on and join up with the devs there. IMO, a project can only be successful if you’re interested in the app yourself (or you get paid to work on it. Good luck with that. :)). So, your first question should be, “What do I need that’s still missing?”, then see if others are interested in those things as well. Maybe some were already started at OSDrawer or Sourceforge.


thanks, i’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Hey, I just thought of another nice little tool: A “password safe” that keeps track of all your different logins/passwords. Securely encrypted and with nice features like generating new passwords and reminding the user after a while to change passwords etc.


Neat idea Humdinger :slight_smile:

thank you guys, matter of fact im going to dedicate some time to develop some python bindings for the API, tried to get bethon to run but i didn’t like it, so i now have 3 applications that i can develop.


So, “Thank you, Rene”, is more like it. :slight_smile:


i also tried to contact the guy that manages the mirrors because i can also provide a mirror for haiku but he didn’t answer.

Haven’t read from Urias for a while. Maybe he’s busy at the moment. I guess you could try again later, maybe shortly before the next release, as it makes sense to ramp up resources when the traffic picks up.




thanks for your great work!

I’m waiting for testing!!

Hey, wanted to give you an update on the ftp app, here is a screenshot of the current version, it already connects to an FTP server, gets a list of files and folders, i’ve only have to implement uploads and downloads and it will be ready for release, let me know what you think of it.


Two questions (opinions):

  • I would rather have the connection details at the lower part of the window, and the folders and files at the upper part

  • Why do you need separate window for folders and files? Why not just one for local and another for remote (with both folders and files)

Otherwise, I hope you will continue working on it and soon we could test an initial version. Thanks!

Looks good so far. If you don’t mind that your application will only work on Haiku, you should probably use the layout manager. This will take care of resizing each individual component very nicely.
Drag and drop will be nice to have (both from inside the app, but also to and from tracker itself. Keep it up!

thank you guys for you comments and keep em comming, i want to release a working version as soon as possible so that i can get your feedback from early development and make it a much better application.

to pistooli:

  1. now that i think of it, the connection details would look better at the bottom, nice one.

to PieterPan:

  1. thanks for that link i’ll take it in mind, actually the app will only run in haiku so no problem there. :stuck_out_tongue:
    2)i’ll leave drap and drop for a next version but it’s a good idea.

A nice first pre-alpha. :slight_smile:

I agree, that files and folders should be listed in one view. And since drag&drop is an integral part of the Haiku experience, it’s a must before you go v1.0. :slight_smile:

A few ideas:

  • use icons (probably according to file extensions).
  • have the connection details hideable via an expander widget (or show/hide it as extra window)
  • include a progress meter similar to Tracker’s copy status window that shows number of files to be transferred and the current transfer rate. A bubblehelp could show a list of all files that were/have to be transferred.

Have fun!

If your up for coding it, I would like an Outlook .pst to Haiku’s Mail App converter.

@vooshy : if you get me some specs on both formats i could give it a try

@reneManqueros and vooshy
I think it is too early for such a tool. Microsoft announces detailed specification for this file format to be released.
They said that in october last year the specification was at its early stage.
But it will be a nice feature to have (import/export from mail)

Maybe for the pst<->Mail converter, a look at the mail utilities can help. At least for the Mail format part.


Well, why re-invent the wheel every time ?
What about a FileZilla port ?

Check out Qt-based FTP clients too: