Any video editing software in Haiku?

I was wondering if there is any sort of professional video editing software suite available on Haiku, in the same vein as kdenlive or avid media composer. Replies will be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you. This sounds very exciting!

I’m the author of the video editor for Haiku. It’s feature complete (ie. it can create videos and export a video), I’m just grinding away fixing the hundreds of bugs people will likely run into (and of course, there will be hundreds of other bugs after release, so it will be a process to eliminate most of them). For instance, today I encountered issues with large audio file (over 1h) where the audio duration reported by the decoder did not match the number of samples, causing the timeline thumbnail preview to fail an assertion. ffmpeg is very temperamental (to use kind words), when it works it works great, but there are many cases where I have to attempt a read/seek 3 times before it gives a frame/buffer. Other times ffmpeg will corrupt the heap. So it’s a game of whack-o-mole with library issues to deal with (and I’ve got plenty of my own bugs to deal with as well).
I expect release in a month or two (open source, first release).


Thank you for responding. I have read your thread and can’t wait to try it out! Do you accept donations by any chance?

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Just donate to Haiku. I’ve long since accepted that its way too early for professional Haiku native software, but who knows, maybe in a decade some companies will be able to afford to develop for Haiku. For me its a labour of love. People always ask me “why are you developing this thing for Haiku?” with a look of sadness in their eyes. My response is typically “why not? Even if I’m the only user, it fills my needs. Besides, the world doesnt need yet another editor for Windows”. Then I give them some nerd talk about latency/responsiveness and that a media dedicated system will always work better for video than a system designed to edit spreadsheets.