Any Ideas for improving Web Positive?

Hello Everyone,
I am planning to take part in GSoC’18 with Haiku. I shortlisted few projects and WebPositive is a very interesting one among them.

I also feel that the current browser looks quite simple.

The browser currently looks like this

Apart from the features that are mentioned given in the GSoC ideas page, can you give some more suggestions so that I can improve my proposal for the project?


A few things that come to mind:

  • Improving the tab view for when there are lots of tabs / maybe a vertical tab view
  • Password manager
  • Fullscreen mode for videos
  • Gamepad support (because it should be not too hard to add and is an opportunity to dig into the WebKit codebase)
  • Geolocation support
  • Reviewing/stabilizing the code for audio/video, websockets, …
  • Improving support for many websites the browser has trouble with: github, google docs, …

Note: GSoC only lasts 3 months so you will probably not have time to do everything, but I look forward for your plans and what you can achieve!


Thank You @PulkoMandy for the suggestions. :smiley:

I can continue my work even after my GSoC (just assuming I am selected). It is possible, right?

According to my mentor (in my university), GSoC is a chance to get involved into Open Source but it is not everything. He used to say that you need work really hard for the org which you choose and be one of their regular contributors even after the programme.
I want to build myself as a good developer and I see Haiku is the first step for it. :slight_smile:


If you will improving WebPositive on GSoC’18 it would be fantastic!
You want suggestions for improvements?
Have you ever tried WebPositive out youself? (not only starting the “Welcome to Haiku!” page)

Try out different news sides. Try out youtube. Looking videos with it on youtube, etc.
Then you will see, that Web Positive is in a lot of cases unstable. And then you will see youself, where are the most important fields of Web Positive to improve.
Making WebPositive to a perfect browser, so that no other browser is needed.

WebPositive is really - besides drivers and Virtual Machines like “VirtualBox” - the most important areas on Haiku, I think.
Personally I see it with an higher priority then having a Haiku with an 100% binary compatibility to BeOS.

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Of course. This is one of the Haiku project’s main motivations to participate in GSoC. The devs would love continue working with the students and see them become regular, self-reliant contributers or even members of the Haiku team.
You don’t have to wait for GSoC to start either. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Haiku, the build system and other technologies that will be useful for your project. Fix some bugs, submit patches, get a head start. :slight_smile:


Yeah @theuserbl

I am currently using Haiku in my system and I have been using WebPositive for many days. I see found it difficult sometimes. I found the browser can be improved a bit and I saw that the idea was already in the ideas page for this year. So, I thought if getting started with Haiku with this.

Thank You @theuserbl and @humdinger for the suggestions. :smiley:

Allow the user to disable autoplaying of videos.

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Fix issues with page rendering


Please, keep in mind that much of Haiku’s userbase enjoys that simple elegance. We also greatly appreciate cool features that employ that simplicity. It is a philosophy that carries over from the very OS we aim to recreate. This isn’t Linux nor do we want to be that. Keeping with the philosophy of Haiku’s integrated API/UI/UE is a great way to earn respect in the community and get your changes commited. The UI of apps will evolve with the OS, as the two are tightly integrated unlike other systems. Focus on that is down the road after R1. WebPositive is a great place to focus, as the feature set is leaving much for want.

Thank you for being awesome!


Optional compact view:

≡ ← here goes all menu.


Hamburger button is so 2014ish…


It is a symbol for menu.

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The latest Firefox Quantum and this forum having it, too.


It would be great if the reload option was added to the toolbar and combined with the stop button.

Of course if someone could also add the all important haiku error messages, that’d be really hot :smiley:


One thing I feel could use improvement is the History. It’s nice to have a tree of the urls, but when you get to the leaves of the tree the visible truncated url is often rather useless. This is especially irritating when I want to revisit one of a number of recent googles and all I can see is a lot of twisty urls, all the same…!

I’d also love it if there was some way of blocking scripts, but I realize this would be a major amount of work. Whenever I can I use FireFox (or BeZilla) with the “NoScript” plug-in, which blocks all scripts unless I specificaslly give permission. I feel much safer that way. :slight_smile:

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For sure!
I will try my best to maintain that magic, simplicity, of Haiku.

I will definitely have a look at all your suggestions and build a plan according to that.

Thank You. :slight_smile:


Please take a look on haiku website (forum) here you does not see some buttons for voting, editing a post with webpositive

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@vchrombie: Of course, there are also a bazillion of bug and enhancement tickets for WebPositive at Trac… That should keep you busy. :slight_smile:

There are so many things to do that you’ll have to prioritize. For me its:

  • Working and correct rendering of sites (-> GMail, Drive, GitHub…)
  • Session/password management to avoid having to login every single time
  • Plugin system (preferably compatible to existing stuff) for ad-blockers and so much more

I think one of the ‘most important’ things are to browse the haiku Websites without any problem. It is unlucky if new people trying haiku and tge main website and forum have glitches or unvisible functions and buttons.


You just need to install the “FontAwesome” package to get the buttons to work.

But indeed, support for web fonts in the browser would be nice - however it required digging into app_server, as well.

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