Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2023)

@Begasus QTWebEngine is buggy on Haiku at the moment, it has random crashes and no one was able to debug it, mostly due to the effort of compiling it and experimenting. It’s also not a simple codebase.

I was trying to build QTWebEngine6 hoping that it did work better, but it’s not straightforward, even the build scripts have to be adjusted before you can even start compiling it. I’m still trying to get the 3rd party parts to compile.


Not in the depot yet, latest cmake/git, checking out latest stable KDE (5.112.0).

So far only one in the KDE frameworks not building yet is “plasma”, seems to rely on KX11_extras(?) (not in Haiku atm).

Also a more recent version for Angelfish is able to close open tabs (didn’t show in previous version), but the icons are still not shown, latest FileLight doesn’t show icons or text, while all current apps still work and show everything fine (even latest version for KMahjongg works fine).


Drawterm was added to the depot a few weeks ago. I was able to connect to a file server as well as edit local files with acme. Thanks to @zeldakatze for the recipe.

It is mentioned that the cursor is not rendered correctly and sound is not working at the moment.


Likely it’ll need a Haiku-specific audio backend (unless it supports some common library we already have.)

Mouse cursors being rendered wrongly is a more-or-less known Xlibe problem related to decoding of X11 bitmaps/pixmaps. I should probably try and fix that again, as it affects basically all applications that use custom cursors.

Anyway, if Drawterm works, then plan9port could probably be brought over as well. I guess nobody’s been interested enough to do that yet?

Commander X16 Emulator

The Commander X16 is The 8-Bit Guy’s dream computer, designed to evoke the same fondness and nostalgia many of us had for 8-Bit computers, while retaining closeness to the hardware from a programming perspective, unlike the Raspberry Pi and others. But more than that, it is intended not only as an educational tool but to solve some of the issues of finding an 8-Bit system to tinker with today; namely ever-increasing costs, auction site price gouging/sniping, lack of replacement parts, and unreliability of 30-year old hardware.

(description taken from


Maybe there is an interest in QtEmu? Haven’t been able to launch Haiku without crashing (but then again I get the same with AQEMU) :slight_smile:

Need to figure out how to enable setting RAM in the wizard, can be finetuned in the .json file created (maybe this could help on getting it to boot?).


This should be fixed in Xlibe 0.3.3 (and the same in all other X11 applications using Xlibe.) :slight_smile:




I could have a look at that.

The drawterm port was just a pretty quick port, and even under Linux, the sound system is hard to use at best, as it requires some weird sound system out of the box iirc


Updated GCompris (for kids between the age of 2 and 10):


great!.. finally issue icon not visible solved…


PonpokoDiff has been updated to release v0.4. Should hit HaikuDepot once the build has completed (it looks like a Qt package is clogging the bot…).

A screenshot diffing the changelog: :slight_smile:

If you can, help out with adding/updating translations at Polyglot for a possible future v0.4.1. Other than that, I have no plans to develop the app further for now. Others might though, of course…


Yes! But sound doesn’t work. And there is no full screen.

There is a -A flag for sound, but it sounds terrible.
(I recently found a more updated version, I am going to try to port it.)

Quick note: I’ve just done the Brazilian Portuguese translation and there is no direct translation to the word ‘diff’, so I used ‘compare’ instead. If you prefer the word diff, I could update the strings into something equivalent to ‘perform a diff’.


Using a native word for “Diff” is an excellent idea, I think, and was done for several languages. After all, many of PonpokoDiff’s users may not be familiar with the CLI tool “diff”.
Just everyone thinking about doing the same: keep it short, because it’s a button label.

Thanks for your translation! I’ll give it some time before doing a v0.4.1 to see if more translations trickle in or anyone spots a bug…

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Romanian and Russian translations of PonpokoDiff are ready.

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While playing around with it here, I think it is time to give it to the public, KMyMoney, not sure everything is working as expected, but while doing some basic actions it looks nice for a personal finance manager.
Now in the depot (64bit only).


Awesome! I will give it a good rundown. It is my primary financial software in Linux and Windows.


Thanks! You may run into issues, I can only test some small things, keep us informed :slight_smile:

EDIT, take into account that Haiku isn’t the best to store personal information (security wise), but atleast it’s here. :slight_smile: