Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2019)

It doesn’t matter at all what the singular is. The point is that the plural is ALWAYS “dice” and never “dices”.

As you know, one of the most famous utterances of Julius Caesar was “Alea jacta est”, which is invariably rendered as “the die is cast” in the UK, where it is a very well-known expression. So to say “die” is not used in the UK is not correct.

You can stop discus about it, i change the name to “yabZE” and add the new version, with solved errors on our repository server.

I also change in Color Sequence the window to a window with tab.

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Yes, sorry to hijack your thread. Or your part of it.

I am going to give yabZE a try.

Update 64bit repo

YabZE -Yatzy Clone
Color Sequence - Master Mind clone
BeSly System analysis tool - again runable Version