Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2019)

Looks interesting. BTW, dice is the plural of die. One die, two dice. Just as mice is the plural of, er, mouse. English is such an irregular language!

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just a name, no specific language used

No it isn’t. Dice is both a singular and plural.

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I be free to use another nsme for it. 5 Dice sounds bad in my ear.

What’s the objective of the game? Maybe we can think up a better name?

It is a yatzee, kniffel clone

Could it not just be named that?

I have no fun of problems with copyrighted names

According to Wikipedia “Yahtzee” is copyrighted but “Yatzy” is not.

Would it be possible to give the game window a normal yellow bar at the top? Maybe it’s just me, but it makes it more comfortable to handle the window this way.

And I’ve found a bug: If you finish a game and play another one (after leaving the highscores) the points are not reset to 0.

Otherwise, it’s a very enjoyable game. :+1:

Thank for the Info. I can name it ‘yabzy’ too as merging yab and yatzy :wink:


Oh, i not see it during testing. Good to know, will check and clear this.

I remove the tab to make it more feel like a game.

Hahaa, great name! +1 for Yabzy :slight_smile:

Yes, I can see the reason behind that and it’s perfectly OK if you stay with that. But if you have multiple windows open and sometimes switch to the other windows to check something during the game it would be more convenient to have it behave like a normal window.

I’ve found another bug: If you finish a game and then click on “Quit” in the main menu, the program crashes.

You are missing the point.

Whether or not some people choose to use the plural for the singular (as computer people often do with the word media) is not germane to this situation.

The point under discussion is that dice is the plural, and dices doesn’t exist as a noun (though it does as a verb).

“Dices” is incorrect, yes. In UK English “dice” is both the plural and singular, while in the US “die” is the singular. I think that’s the root of this disagreement.

@lelldorin: Could you please make the game available for x86_64? That would be great.

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If i get 64bit running again, yes

Alright, thanks. What problem do you have with 64bit Haiku?