An extensive interview with Haiku developer - Paweł Dziepak. | Haiku Project

I have interviewed Paweł Dziepak during my private conversation with him, on polish Haiku IRC channel (#haiku-pl, Freenode). We talked for two nights, on 28 and 29 of April 2014. Paweł is known to the community as pdziepak, I am Premislaus. There are many great people involved with Haiku Project, everyone is worth interviewing - I will try to do that in the future (Ingo, Axel, Stephan, beware!). Why pdziepak this time? The big role in the decision played ease of communication, since we are the same nationality, we talk pretty often with each other on IRC channel. Besides, he is an excellent programmer, engineer with vision! Despite his young age, he doesn't do mobile apps, his field of interest are kernel architectures. Unfortunately, he didn't have current photo and he said no when I proposed him to take a stylish one, either selfie or in an elevator.

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[*] RIP

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Sorry I don’t understand!
What do you mean by: [*] RIP
What happened?

I do not use Facebook, never!

It appears that the interviewer for this piece (which is from 2014) died in 2021.

Didn’t realize it was an old article… are they getting newly autoposted on the forum on purpose?

Sorry to hear the author has passed away.

The topics on the forum are created automatically when someone visits the corresponding page on the website I think. It seems no one had visited this one yet?

There has been some bugs with this after migrating to Discourse and I think also after a later Discourse update, which results in old comments on the website articles being essentially lost :frowning: and new topics being created now and then…

Very sad news. RIP

For me, Premislaus was a very good Haiku influencer. I learned a lot about Haiku from him by talking on IRC.