AMD idgpu and motherboard recommendation

I am planning to build a new desktop as a spare to multi boot various OSes (Windows Insider, Haiku, Linux, BSD etc) and would greatly appreciate some feedback on what will work with Haiku. My questions:

  1. My preference is to use AMD 5600G for its integrated graphics. I want to ensure that the graphics will work i.e. I will get an output to my monitor. What is the current state of the graphics driver? I have an old PCI-E GTX 650 I can repurpose if that would work better.
  2. What is the recommendation for a good motherboard that has working wifi? Eyeing this particular one
  • Looks like it’s Intel wifi, though I couldn’t find specifics. That should work.
  • I recommend having a different physical hard drive for each OS. It makes life easier and removes the risk that updating OS A breaks OS B.
  • Baring something really weird, the graphics card should be fine. Worst case, you use the VESA graphics, which is still suitable.

Thank you. Yes this PC will have three hard drives in a multiboot configuration via rEFind. I am perfectly fine nuking the whole disk(s) and starting over. It is mainly a fun OS box given that I don’t want to muck around on my primary desktop.

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Update: I see that wireless is Intel Wireless-AC 3168. I am seeing conflicting info online about Haiku compatibility. Any pointers? FreeBSD says it is supported via iwm iwm(4)

It seems “iwm3168fw” is in the driver: so there’s a good chance it works. If not, submit a bug report at As a backup, there’s always Ethernet. :slight_smile:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 5650G - this is fine overall. Blacklist radeon_hd driver for now.

AMD Motherboards:

  • Intel WIfi - check on IRC with core kernel devs on latest nightly builds.
  • Sound/Microphone - check on IRC with core kernel devs on latest nightly builds.
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I ended up purchasing the HP Omen 16 Advantage Edition laptop.
AMD 5800H RX6600M video, 32Gb RAM (the faster ranked one), 512Gb nvme, installed an additional Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1Tb nvme.
Laptop chosen due to X512 efforts with Vulkan and Radeon drivers.

Note - with latest hrev55736, Haiku fails to boot due to nvme issue. Logged a ticket ( Lets see how this goes before I comment on the Laptop.


I’ll be watching this space, i have a AMD machine with a nvme drive and it won’t boot off anything but usb

Well, I built the new system and moved the SSDs (all three are SATA. No NVME attached) across. Right of the bat existing Haiku install kdls when booted via rEFind. Downloaded the latest x64 nightly and tried booting it. I get to the Haiku loading screen (no icon is lit) and then computer reboots. Choosing Safe Mode simply makes the system hang at the Haiku loading screen (no icons are lit).
What do I try next?

Try also to choose VESA video mode (fail safe) and smaller screen resolution.


Apologies but I have rEFind setup per the guide. The SSD Haiku is installed on was just installed into a different motherboard with an AMD CPU. rEFind sees the Haiku bootloader and I am able to choose the option for Haiku. Also, I am able to boot the latest nightly via rEFind. However, in both cases it goes only upto the Haiku logo and it then reboots. None of the icons below the Haiku logo light up at all.