Alpha 1 logo and graphical stuffs

Hi guys,

There is a discussion in the developpment mailing-list those days about the way we could make perfectly crystal clear that the coming Haiku alpha1 release is an alpha: not ready for everyday use but a workaround for new devs.
So the idea was first to add/modify some graphical elements between an Alpha release and a Rx release.

Here is some modified logos people have done to show what they were thinking about. Mostly developpers, so i’d like you creative guys to contribute and post here your creation, ideas and of course bitmaps :wink:

Here is some links of what has been proposed:
François Revol: (based on the Xemacs alpha logo)
Stephan Assmus:
Remi Grumeau

Here is the two ML archives where you will find the whole history on this topic.
Preparing Alpha 1

Haiku Alpha 1 desktop logo proposal

Hi Remi,

Thanks for your forum post.

I like mine (Nick) or yours (Remi).

It is a matter of whether Haiku should “scream” Alpha to users. In that case, François & Stephan’s are the wallpapers that send out this message with Stephan’s being the better one of the two.

Mine & yours “quietly” or gently announce that Haiku is Alpha ( less pronounced, more subtle & inviting ). Which I believe does enough to convey to users that Haiku is Alpha quality without scaring everyone away. The last two are more likely to get more and more people trying or using Haiku while still pointing out that Haiku is in Alpha phase.

This just comes down to how Haiku wants to send the message across to people looking to check out the OS.

If anyone else wants to express their opinion then now is your chance. Regards,

What dou you think about?

suuuuuuuuuper :wink:

it depends on how stable alpha is. If it is really stable then there is no reason to have a super big alpha stamp.

I’m voting for Jérémie’s version. I would prefer that the “Alpha 1 Release” text be white instead of red; I think the red text will actually be looked over more often than if it was white, plus it clashes with the background.

The only other piece I liked was the lady bug under the “A” on Stephan’s mockup. If that version is used then the typeface for “alpha 1” REALLY needs to be changed, a red box added around the text, and the text should be capitalized.

I would really like to see the lady bug moved underneath the “A” on Jérémie’s disc image, and possibly add a stick bug (could be depicted as climbing the “K”).

There’s only one problem… if Haiku Alpha1 requires a DVD (as indicated in the image)… it’s about on par with Windows for how bloated it is! Given that I can JAM a revision of Haiku as a 128Mb image (of which only about 90Mb is used), I think a CD-ROM would be a PLENTY large medium for Haiku… Alpha, Beta, or R1 Final Release!

Yeah “DVD” looks cool and all whatnot, but it really gives the wrong impression of the code efficient image Haiku is trying to maintain… passed on from BeOS.


Hi, All,
Thanks for your comment,
i will modify it this evenig.The lady Bug o stephan is very cool, And i would like to put i on CD but I haven’t a good source, if someone have…

Like it :slight_smile:
So a simple bug and the Alpha release 1 in red for you. I anyway like the idea of stephan to hide the bug behind a leaf, instead of putting it under the logo.

[quote=Lindytech]Hi, All,
Thanks for your comment,
i will modify it this evenig.The lady Bug o stephan is very cool, And i would like to put i on CD but I haven’t a good source, if someone have…[/quote]

the OS itself wouldn’t need a DVD and this won’t apply to alpha…but it would be nice to have a video tutorial demonstration included with the OS for final release.

Very nice artwork on the DVD disc. Excellent job.

I will point out a few things.

  1. Haiku only needs CD - unless you include videos
  2. File Cabinet icon is no longer used for mounted partitions - good to remove it. Might be better to include one music and video icons, etc.
  3. Red color Alpha 1 Release hurts the eyes. Change the color to something less intense. Like white or really light blue, etc.

Right now the concern really is about deciding which wallpaper would be better to use on Alpha 1. Though it very likely will end up being Stephan’s.

Alpha status was being talked about over 2 months ago, like it was mere days away. Yet we’re still not there. Now everyone is talking about putting Haiku on CD’s, as though Alpha status is a sure thing and only days away. Can someone shine some light on exactly where Haiku is, status-wise? I’m noticing that copying has gone from a maximum of 55 sec. to copy a 512Mb folder (containing four 128Mb “haiku.image” files), to a whopping 1 min. and 15 seconds. Copying has gotten SLOWER, recently. And this is an aspect that’s going to be seen in an Alpha release? Not wise in my opinion.

Funny thing is, my 512Mb of RAM is “cached” to the hilt, and yet it takes the same amount of time to copy the same folder, no matter how many times I do it. Shouldn’t the cache (data stored in RAM) be dumping the folder to the hard drive VASTLY faster, since it’s already there? But Haiku isn’t doing that. Any idea why?

Sorry to get a tad off-topic, but… with all this talk about “Alpha release”, I’m kinda expecting things to be behaving BETTER/FASTER in all respects, not worse.

Alpha 1 is expected to be released in 2 to 3 months from now.

The devs are trying to get more organized to make this happen - making important decisions for Alpha 1.

The I/O scheduler was changed to a new, better model. This may be causing your slower speed. The I/O scheduler should be very stable for Alpha but you may or may not get the same speed as before because it works differently than the old version.

And they changed to the new model because it should be better later on. And better to do this before Alpha 1 release instead of after.

By “everyone”, I guess you mean a bunch of people who are interested in what the logo looks like?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but this is the essence of “bikeshed” and does not represent actual progress.

Haiku is certainly gaining stability day by day, and hopefully soon swap support will be finished as well.

If you really want to keep track of the actual status of Haiku, you know where to look. The mailing lists and bug tracking is where the real discussion takes place, if you can’t figure out what’s going on from there, then I think you’re best to just wait for someone to announce it officially, which likely won’t happen until it actually occurs.

More likely it’s actually related to the addition of the APIC timer preference over the PIT timer. Not all machines support APIC timers, and thus PIT still gets used for many.

On one of my machines I reverted this change to gain performance back (especially when demoing at LW2008).

And once the HPET timer is available, that will add a 3rd option which will likely take preference on machines that support it.

Of course, I could be wrong :slight_smile: there has been so many changes to the repo lately, it would be hard to pinpoint performance regressions on anything specific.

When you see an official announcement on the website that says “Alpha 1 is here!”, that’s when you will know with certainty that alpha has arrived.

What is being said between now and then is mostly talk, speculation, and wishful thinking, some of it from people who don’t have a clue, so you better take it with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

Now, please, back to the topic of this thread (which is “Alpha 1 logo and graphical stuffs” in case you missed it).

what we do here in creative design won’t track development 100%. But alpha does look like it’s coming eventually…it’s not like 5 years ago when it wasn’t all clear that we would get here at all. Fortunately, Haiku was able to survive 7 years of attrition and doubters.

And this difference also explains the old status page. We didn’t have a whole OS available at that time, just bits and pieces and using BeOS to fill in the gaps. Now that we have an entire OS that can stand on its own, it makes more sense to look at it as a system, a whole, and call that alpha, instead of saying BFS is beta and kernel is alpha and app server is final, etc.

but here’s another question. Whether you think it’s a cd or dvd…is that how we plan on distributing alpha Haiku or just expect people to download it?

The page says:

Prop # 50: Distribute as ISO that functions as LiveCD
Adopted by: no one
This one should be able to install by itself.
Plain single-track ISO, or usual boot ISO + BFS track ?

Prop # 51: Distribute as Live USB stick
Adopted by: mmlr

Prop # 52: Distribute as image for emulators
Adopted by: no one
For QEMU and VMWare.

So it looks like only the implementation of one of the three proposals will transpire or 'till someone Adopts said other proposals.