Again: How to configure GRUB2 to load Haiku_



I am using GRUB2 in my collection of linuxes. There are some hints how to configure the older GRUB with menu.lst. But this procedure does not work. Now I must use the installation cd or a GRUB floppy to get Haiku started.

I hope for some advice to configure GRUB2.
Eight years ago I asked the same question. But the link inside does not work.



The haiku guides are a good place for looking:

Or our knowledge base:


It was ok with Grub2 in my usual Linux collection.
I tried to manage it with a Grub 0.97 in a Puppy installation.
I use a Puppy Tahrpup64 6.0.5.
It was ok too with this older Grub 0.97.
I managed both.

Thank you.


Thanks lelldorin!

I came here to post that but you beat me to the punch.

Let us know how it goes so we can help svgt!


For me i use a DD for HaiKu.
Haiku is on de sdc so
in 40_CUSTOM

Entry for Haiku on sdc

menuentry “Haiku” {
set root=(hd2,1)
chainloader +1


@NicNac You omitted a semicolon:

menuentry "Haiku" {
	set root=(hd0,3);
	chainloader +1

Unless something changed to not require it.


thanks to all of you. I managed it.


I omitted a “;” Yes, thanks bullfrog


I ran into that issue once upon a time. The Haiku guide originally omitted it too.