Access Onedrive

Haiku Os, what is the possible navigator, what can we use to navigate?
We can have some possible solution.

Why the current ones, do not have the ability to access the page.

What you are es talking about?

Can you explain a little bit more clear?

I think it’s Microsoft s cloud system. Seems he has issues connecting. Probably some features aren’t rendering in WebPositive Navigator.

Hi Beosix!

Besides the default WebPositive, there are a few Qt based browsers. QupZilla and Otter Browser are the most popular, I think.

Web+ and all available Qt based browsers use outdated versions of webkit. PulkoMandy is currently bringing the haikuwebkit that Web+ uses to a more recent version. That should make Web+ more compatible with websites that don’t work well right now.

AFAIK, the webkit our Qt port uses, will continue to be outdated because the Qt-webkit switched so something not yet ported to Haiku. I’m not familiar with the details, but things seem to be rather complicated, so I don’t expect changes here soon…

And finally, there are bound to be bugs in the webkit port and Web+ that may spoil the fun on certain sites…

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Thank you very much, I will wait for updates

But as you will see my English is very low

Doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:
Just keep on reading and writing in English and you’ll improve over time. Worst that can happen, people misunderstand and you’ll have to explain in more detail.


I suspect the easiest and most usable way to start accessing and using onedrive one haiku would be to port something like this linux client: GitHub - abraunegg/onedrive: #1 Free OneDrive Client for Linux

I use it to sync my arduino files between my windows laptop and linux desktop.