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Wow, you think you are that important!


I suspect that it’s more likely that you would do the project serious harm if you were allowed to get involved, and so closing the thread would only make things worse if it encourages you to stick around.


No, he seems to think we are that important that destruction threat could works.

I wonder how an open source project with several mirrors can ever be killed…


I have already notified Google Summer of Code that this project obstructs progress and is hostile towards outsiders.


So watch your mouths around here towards people who help this project or it could get worse.


So basically, you are trying to “help” the project threatening us and saying that you can damage it if we don’t agree to you. Sorry guy, but we don’t negotiate with terrorists :smiley:



This is the false way to get included a project. Do you thinked about your writings before you post them? How old are you?

And why you talk for all people who want help? I see many people who helped out but not your way.

Again, your style of communication makes not friends, only enemys. And i does not see a chance for you to be a part on haiku anymore, because you have no respect, shouting around, you love only youself, you does not allow critics to you thinking and work, you does not work with each other, you want only your own priority, you think nothing happend without you.

Wake up guy, you are on a very bad way.

Why we should show respect to you when you does not show respect to other.


Wow – I guess we all recall Jorge with fondness, now, eh?:grinning:

You should know, though that this Prat [such a nominatively determinative name when spelled that way…] has a history, none of it good. Here’s a good place to start: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/barcampla/S0CR6vb7Z0M

I suggest he should not be allowed anywhere near the Haiku project. Best just to ignore him completely.


Let’s not go crazy. If someone suggest something useful or creative let’s support him on his path. But if someone goes crazy, I think all of as some times go crazy, maybe on purpose maybe not, do not be harsh to much on that, only to stop some one from going more crazy.
Wow, english is truelly alien language! I hope I am understud by you.


Ok, enough insults here. Closing now.

Happy “I love free software day” everyone, by the way!