A Sketched Design for the Website


We’ll see. With his last couple of posts he offered a nice pile of bait. With a mix of ignorance, grand standing, name dropping, bragging, lies and legitimate questions, he set people up nicely to waste hours instead of being productive.


Thats why devs are in irc and the mailing list and not on the forum.

Many thanks to PulkoMandy, he spend much time to ask questions.


I am the 100% best use of your time. Hours spent with me will make your time worth it.

OpenOffice raised $10,000 on my website, Fundable.org, in 2006:


Unlike all of you I have actually worked in the startup world multiple times, so I know when things are going downhill on a big project. There is already a website I helped found, in operation. They call it Fundable.com now-- I am not part of that company, but the original Fundable started the word “crowdfunding” through one of our users.

You need to let go of being angry at me and work alongside me. As long as I think Haiku is worthy of my time, I will try to help.


I am not angry. I am actuallytlaughing out loud at reading you.

If you like Elementary OS so much and think Haiku is doomed and worthless, why spend so much time posting here? Just join the Elementary OS comcunity (sorry in advance guys for sending this guy to you). Or if you think the code we wrote is useful (but how could that be, in a project with no vision and management?) just take that, and create a fork that you will lead with your great vision, authority and experience, and prove us wrong.

I will continue to spend countless hours fixing bugs in Haiku. I don’t need someone else’s vision to know where I’m going with this project. I make my own OS for my own computer. I try to grow an user community around it because they all contribute in some way and it is less work for me. Call this selfish if you want but remember that I basically donateb my whole time to this project.

Call this anonymous but remember my real name is not a secret at all and easy to find, like, in my user profile on this forum, even if I usually go by a pseudonym that I’ve been using for the last 15 years even in real life.

But so far your contributions are just posts on this forum. This isn’t worth anything. We want people who take action, here.


I told Jean-Louis Gassee on Twitter that if I had a chance I would start a computer company around BeOS. He said, “thanks. that ship has sailed [for me].” I want a finished release of Haiku because I want to have a different operating system besides Mac and Windows that is user-oriented. Unlike other people, I think that it could be a real competitor if some money and effort is put into it because Linux started out with no solid API’s. I am watching what people are saying and people are interested in an alternative to Windows, but they get tired of the games Apple is playing. Haiku has a lot going for it: it can run on modern hardware and it has an archive of usable software. It would take a lot of time and money to make a new operating system and reproduce that.

Like I said in another post, I looked at the API and I think it is solid enough that if Haiku is finished it could be sold someday. As long as I think this is true, I will try to get that to happen.


Thanks for your offer. So Fundable.com is still active?.. Since i cant find any possibilty to see the status of projects to fund?
The other question just rais up for me is: Why didint you stared a thread with “How i can help Haiku to be founded”, with a list: Wha you need therefore?

Also you can try to contact haiku inc, and become the fundraiser for the project.


Proper fundraising last… so you cant see resulst really fast. Also fundraisers tend to have a (verry) difficult personality - it seems that this special personality is needed to rais funds… thats what i discoverd working for a organisation which completly depens on donations… So why not give him half a year to proof what he can achive… ,beside insluting devs ;-). it looks like he is interesseted in helping the project ;-).
I know whe have seen (me included) a lot of people just talking not doing much…


No. The original Fundable, which I helped found, had to be closed in 2009, whereas the current Fundable is simply the result of me selling those people the domain name and them carrying on the name to a limited extent, narrowing it to small business. All-or-nothing fundraising was synonymous with our company because even the word “crowdfunding” had not caught on, but actually was coined there by our user Michael Sullivan. If you look up “Fundavlog,” that is the source of the word crowdfunding and Fundavlog came from Michael.

In 2009, Kickstarter came along and they had a lot of investment money. A lot of the investors were people who I tried to get funding from, but who were approached by Kickstarter. You could say that Kickstarter came along at a time when it could work for them, when online video was something people could produce.


We should split this post, because are far away of the main post.


Back the main post: which one of you has a design portfolio? Please stand up.

All of you are experts on how the website should look, so let’s hear your qualifications.

Otherwise, you are a group of naysayers out to find fault with anything. That design is pretty nice-looking and none of you have the right to criticize it the way you have without complimenting someone putting something forward.

Let’s see what graphic designs all of you have made or can make.

You want to leave the website as-is, the way it has been for several years? That is unacceptable behavior. You are lying then, saying that you don’t want a website that is up-to-date.


Have a look here too:

You could help finishing the Haiku documentation as well… or write articles to promote Haiku…


I does not understand whats the problem with the haiku website.

Clear and lovly design
Fast loading time
Clear structured
I get any info i need
I can watch the site with my phone
a good forum

How we need a new one? I think there are many other bigger problems like this.

This is my thinking.


Better as working on a new haiku site would be to make a study about to do web development on haiku. Whats possible, what Software to use, whats the problems, what we need to make this on haiku possible.

With something like this we get first articles about haiku (popularity), any time, i hope, haiku useable for doing webdesing.

There are so much things we need and articles or studys like this help more as long discussions in the forum.

I think at the moment you get no friends, only enemys.


Why does blocking users not exist when you need it once in a blue moon <.=.< . Would make reading this topic less cumbersome :smiley:


Elementary OS has 19.5K followers on their Twitter account and they are a Linux distro.
Go take a look at them. They have over 30 people working on it enthusiastically.
Why don’t you ask why Haiku doesn’t have this and they do?

Haiku have also ~30 people working on it enthusiastically since start on average.
But, indeed, we got far less followers on twitter.
19k vs 30 guys actually doing the job, it’s 0,15% !!!
We have far less followers count but a far better conversion rate, I would point.


Well, I guess we can all qualify as web site surfing experts, indeed. It’s 2018, everyone having Internet access since long now have surfed on thousand of different websites, and everyone can make their opinion on what is a good website or not for them.

I dare to disagree. I find it too much bloated, disharmonic colored and without the sense of clean, simple, clear semantic that the project is after. I’m not saying our current website can’t be better, but I prefer it over your mockup in its current state.

Okay, point taken:

Thanks you very much for your effort.

Don’t take it badly, but I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t find your mockup looks better than the current website.
It’s too darky to my taste, logo is quite lost over a building background image which make no sense here, and overall it doesn’t transport the clean, clear and simple but yet powerfull semantic of Haiku.
That’s my opinion,

And I’ve all the right to have it, as I don’t need to be a web designer to be allowed to share an opinion on a website as a user, exactly like one don’t need to be a OS developer to share his opinion on an OS as an user…


Hi jpratt,

Thank you for your work.

I’ll do a little summary.
It looks like nobody likes your suggestion of design. You have to live with that.
You notice from the opinions that current users prefer a slightly simpler and clearer website.
Be so good and revise your suggestion.
It could be enough if the background graphics were not so present.

Regards lorglas


one thing about @jpratt 's website that would be nice on the current one is the screenshots of haiku.


Can we please close this thread now?


This is actually serious discussion and I can break this project if you disrespect me by closing this thread.

If you close this thread, you have created an enemy…