A Sketched Design for the Website


This is currently at 100% scale:

After a person navigates away from the front page, the logo will appear in the navigation bar instead:


Ok, let’s start bikeshedding :smiley:

  • The uneven boxes for the news entries look a bit strange to me
  • What is the meaning of these background images? Where do they come from and why this choice?
  • Your tagline (next to the logo) fails to mention “desktop/personal computing” which is the key thing here. “produce speedy technology”? What does that even mean? I use Haiku daily and I don’t think I’m producing technology with it :). I would just keep the existing text here “open source operating system that specifically targets personal computing”). A lot of thinking went into crafting it and I think it still applies. Maybe I would drop the “inspired by the BeOS” part from here. It is part of our legacy but less and less relevant everyday, so maybe it’s time to remove it from the project vision statement?
  • The main page heading focusses on “alternative” which I think is not the main point - we are not here just for the sake of being different.
  • Having screenshots on the landing page is a nice idea, however I miss the big “download” button
  • I feel that the use of different images for the different parts (header, sidebar, white background on main content) makes it look like these were just stuck together with no linking between them. The existing website at least integrates the “news” box into the content white background (it has a somewhat similar problem with the heading box, however).


The text is all filler.



The messages should have the same width to make it quieter.

The background graphic distracts the user, something more subtle would be more pleasant. Of course, a little more transparency in the background graphics is enough.

I think the Haiku logo is lost in the background graphic.

you can also put screenshot for a mobile phone online?

regards, lorglas


This looks horrible (not being constructive I know).


Korli: loser troll. You read earlier posts with humdinger where we talked about that. get off the site, you parasite.


Before we proceed on this, I would like all of the major participants of Haiku to provide examples of other website proposals for Haiku-- besides the current website-- done by other designers so that we can compare them with what I have put forward.


Well, at least we know you keep an history of names you dislike, I’m now glad to be on it.


I like the current Website


I really don’t like this proposed design. It’s wild, unrestful, messy and hurts the eyes. Less is more… not only in the Unix world :smiley:


I like your enthusiasm and motivation, but causing a rift with some of the old timers who are the workhorses on the project is not going to get you very far with what you’re trying to acheive. A more diplomatic approach might do you some good :wink:


Really, you like… Old timer or not, calling any forum member names and de-humanizing anyone by calling them ‘parasite’ is something that can poisen this small community.
Should things start to deteriorate further from here, I and I hope other moderators, will step in.


I think the community is mature enough to see who the troll is here, to not feed him, and not need to get the moderators involved. Please prove me right, everyone.


Good colors and design but background is so dense. The colors are good. The page deserve a redesign of course. Thankz.


i feel that current website is more readable than that proposed here.


Guys. I started the first crowdfunding website. My website coined the word, “crowdfunding”.
I am somewhat undercover here.

I am going to recommend to Google that you not be included in Summer of Code.

Read up on my existing contributions to open source here:



It looks like you were accepted for 2018.

This is a waste of Google’s money, as all of the “old-timers” on here
are obstructionist and unwilling to advance the project as a whole.
It has no possibility of long-term contribution as a final product that a person
could buy on the shelf
without new leadership.


Case in point: people file complaints in the forums, like, “Haiku do you have any hope” and veteran contributors begin to attack the person, lledorin labels him or her a troll. This is a very dysfunctional open source project that does not look at its own faults or shortcomings. Every participant is hiding inside the anonymity of open source, making it an ineffective model for software development.


Wow, there i can read this troll post of me? I think we should write to each other with resect and we need to accept other thinking. But i does not like people comes as new user into the community and posting that everything is bad and we should do all on an other way as before. Hey, i think we all know that haiku should be on a better state as it is today, but it is not possible at the moment.

Why people does not join the community and start to help instead discuss about all is bad?

I am not a c or cpp programner, i have my focus on turorials, helping people and program a little bit in yab. I do my best in my spare time. And i think many of the main development teams make it like me and much more.

I think new users should first test haiku, should read about it, his History, the people behind it, and if he have interest to do more, asking for parts to help out. Or starting a new project too.

We have here over the years many people who comes and wants many things but never do anything for the project or community.

Not only asking and writing, do it…

Sorry for my bad english.


“Why people does not join the community and start to help instead discuss about all is bad?”

You need to ask, “why is elementary OS able to gain so much support and we cannot?” Then you need to go around and ask yourself why. The short answer is that every developer here is apathetic and has low personal standards, not even caring if users are having a hard time, like the person who started the “Haiku do you have any hope” thread. That guy was struggling and could have been a supporter, but you all drove him away. Really sad.

I bet that doesn’t happen at elementary OS. I bet they try to help that guy out specifically, empathize with him that there are problems. That is why they have lots of active support.

PulkoMandy, for example, doesn’t care if users of Haiku are having a bad time, as long as he is happy. He doesn’t listen to users. As long as he is happy with his own machine, it is just fine and other people are complainers. But that is wrong and selfish. Other people are having problems. All of the devs seem to be like this. Kind of lazy and apathetic, then hostile when problems are pointed out.

Elementary OS has 19.5K followers on their Twitter account and they are a Linux distro. Go take a look at them. They have over 30 people working on it enthusiastically. Why don’t you ask why Haiku doesn’t have this and they do? You need to ask questions that are not fun to answer about yourself and your organization. Are people here any good as members of an organization? They get into fights with me and I would work on the project. Then they call me a troll.

Currently, no one on this project, be it Kapix, PulkoMandy, Humdinger, wants to be known as the visible face of the project. This is a problem. They try to own it as some kind of organizational trait of Haiku, but that is a self-deceiving story. Why does elementary OS not have any of these problems. Why are they not lacking in manpower?

This is what is so wrong with this project, that it is fragmented and everyone feels entitled to people’s work before providing an inviting environment for them to help out. You need to provide an inviting environment for people to help.
There is nothing about Haiku that feels like it is worth contributing to because there is no person of contact and the devs here do not care whether they are cohesive and they also do not care if supporters are retained or offended. It looks to me like this project has become degenerate.