A question or 2 re. running haiku on a memory stick?

Hi, i’ve installed a 64bit version of haiku on a usb stick today. i have adjusted the font size & installed a couple of app’s. something that i don’t quite understand is the write permissions on the usb stick. i’m under the impression that it is read only by default.

though haiku can obviously write to it. i installed yt-dlp via the terminal using:

~> pkgman install cmd:yt_dlp

when i tested it this happened?

~> yt-dlp -U Current version: stable@2024.04.09 from yt-dlp/yt-dlp Latest version: stable@2024.05.27 from yt-dlp/yt-dlp Current Build Hash: 7f12092fb95ffa2c8947c855298c94c612c9c0e969e132d7eca5502981955c99 Updating to stable@2024.05.27 from yt-dlp/yt-dlp ... ERROR: Unable to write to /boot/system/bin/yt-dlp; try running as administrator ~>

So, that makes me wonder whether this is caused by write protection of the stick? Or do i need to use sudo or su prior to yt-dlp on haiku? you don’t have to on linux.

Not sure what you are trying to do, but anything /system/bin /system/lib and a few others are read-only, yt-dlp shouldn’t need to write there?

-U command just checks if it is the latest version & updates itself from their home repo. so it was likely breaking the convention that caused the error.

After a sleep i’ll download a vid & verify that it is working properly.


It can’t update itself in /bin :slight_smile: If an update is advisable you could report it at haikuports in a new issue: GitHub - haikuports/haikuports: Software ports for the Haiku operating system.

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I’ve just updated yt-dlp to the latest: 2024-05-27

With regard to which folders the package management causes to be “write-protected”, please see Filesystem layout of the User Guide.


Hi there,
is yt-dlp available to haiku yet? youtube-dl & then yt-dlp have been my preferred way to view youtube for a long time now.

They are in the depot :slight_smile:

That IS good news. :smiley: Thanks. I just have to learn all this stuff about haiku again, i haven’t been using it for quite some time. what is available, how to install what, & from where. & on it goes.

I’m using haiku now, it is being pretty well behaved. some tearing in the browser, but it isn’t hard to live with at this point.

2 ways to install/uninstall software (default), in Terminal with “pkgman” and in the Deskbar → Application → HaikuDepot

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TY, i was just reading about that in the guide. I’m about to use the GUI to install yt-dlp (well that’s the plan anyway).

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yt-dlp is not available via the HaikuDepot ?

This is getting off-topic :slight_smile: search for “yt_dlp” (note the underscore)

ty for your reply. it isn’t there, nore youtube-dl

It is:

ty both for your replies. They don’t show up on the install that i did today. I am a haiku puppy, so it is likely my ignorance to blame here. :wink:

Look in the application menu for “Refresh repositories”, maybe it needs that? Be sure to have all categories listed.

Is it available for both, 64- and 32-bit or only one? It could depend on that and which Haiku you have installed (32 vs 64).

For yt_dlp they are available for both arch’s



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ty again for help (to all). I just did a search on the web & came up with a page of mine in this forum from oct 2022 when i was looking at haiku again. i was told to use the pkgman command. so i just did & am installing yt_dlp as i type this. :smiley:

It is called yt-dlp on linux… just to confuse me.

I’m on 64bit install.