3rd party localization now at Pootle

Hello everyone!

And we’re back to the Catkeys translators needed for 3rd party apps thread…
Adding/updating projects at the pootle site prooved to be too unreliable.
So, you can ignore all of the below…

With the help of Rimas Kudelis I was able to add a 3rd party apps project to our Pootle site. This means, helping to translate 3rd party applications now got much easier.
The old thread Catkeys translators needed for 3rd party apps can now be retired.

If anyone wants to help, register at the pootle site and read the wiki on GUI localization.

If you’d like to have another application added, let me know.
To add an app, we need:

  • The URL of the project/repo/etc.
  • The en.catkeys file (and all the catkeys you may already have)
  • To be able to track if a project’s catkeys have been updated, it’s useful to know the commit hash of when the catkeys were ‘extracted’ as well as their “fingerprint” (1st line, last column).

This information is kept as the description of the English page of the “3rd party project”.


Some days ago I made translation suggestions to Russian catkeys for apps like Weather and BurnItNow. Checked it now, looks like they all were completely erased. Was hoping that at least some of them would be reviewed by Diver or other native speakers.

I’m afraid if I’d try to redo the lines, they will disappear again.

That must have been before the announcement when I was still experimenting. It doesn’t appear to be in the “test” project, which was my latest experiment, as there’s no Russian in it. I’m very sorry about that.
I have translated over 1200 words for Vision yesterday and those are still there…

Ouch. That day I saw the post on Haiku Facebook page and figured it’s already online and keeps the data. Well, I’ll try again sometime in the coming week. Better luck next time, I guess.

upd: Tried to translate some lines in Weather app in 3rd_party section again. Looks like it can save my translation suggestions, but at the same time it gives me “(!) Unknown error” message when I push “Submit”. Is it possible, that my account don’t have permission to save translations and it erases them if not reviewed in time or something? Weird.

@humdinger Can you please add my native languange (indonesian) into 3rd party apps so i can make some contribution?


[quote=“DioGen, post:6, topic:5544”]
Looks like it can save my translation suggestions, but at the same time it gives me “(!) Unknown error” message when I push “Submit”. Is it possible, that my account don’t have permission to save translations…[/quote]

I just registered a test user. I can suggest a translation by clicking the “Suggest” button. As a normal user, I don’t even see a “Submit” button…
I see 24 suggestions by v_bobok. v_bobok’s rights seem in order, i.e. the account is active. Every normal user has the same rights.

Only language managers can “Submit” a suggested translation. I don’t think there’s a time limit there.

Done! Thanks for helping out!

I do exactly the same as DioGen. A few days ago, I translated BurnItNow and Weather in French, and later see it it the tests category. Now all is gone…
And I get the same “Unkown Error” message and the “Submit” button.

Again, sorry about that.
As I said, every registered user has the same rights. Only the specific language managers can “Submit” translations. I can’t explain the “Submit” button you’re seeing. I don’t with my newly created “normal” account…

I do see, however, many suggestions for French translations, so it looks like suggesting strings does work.

My bad, I meant “Suggest”.

@humdinger thanks alot…


Ukrainian translation for Vision is ready - http://sprunge.us/SAcX
I can’t upload the translation file to the 3rd party apps project. A “Database Error” occurs.

Thanks for the catkeys @Lan72!

Uploading should be done by an admin, because things can go wrong…

Generally, it’s preferred to do the translations at the pootle site. It’s easy for translators and admins, plus you enjoy some pootly perks, like translation memory (to keep things consistent by reminding you of past translations) and suggestions, which are often correct and you can accept with a click.
(These perks currently don’t work with Web+ though… :slight_smile: )

Many thanks, humdinger!

Ukrainian translations for ProjectConceptor:
GraphEditor - http://sprunge.us/eHGQ
Main - http://sprunge.us/fRbN
NavigatorEditor - http://sprunge.us/jLgS

Thanks. Uploaded.

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