1 successful and 1 unsuccessful USB boot

Latest nightly images 20220406 - HP Prodesk Mini 600, intel i5 CPU intel graphics - boots successfully

HP Pavilion 15z laptop, all AMD - Ryzen 5 - Radeon Vega 8 graphics - makes it through the startup icons then white screen with lots of scrolling error messages.

Most probably you have met with an app_server crash. It can be GPU related. Try the safe-boot settings in the bootmenu, for example the failsafe graphics driver option. Check the FAQ/user guide for more info about the bootmenu.

I tried genral safe mode on the AMD computer. Same result-white screen, lots of messages, the final 50 or so started with “failed to set attribute: ibute”

However, when I selected only the 'failsafe graphics driver" option, the boot completed successfully.

Possibly related: #17377 (radeon_hd crashes in connector_probe()) – Haiku

HP Laptop could boot: