ZuMi (or Stippi?) toolbar icons...?

The creator of the ZuMi iconset; does he have toolbar iconsets available or are they yet to be created?

Here you go:


But this are not offical Icons Set!
ShowImage are looks ugly with the Icons Set.

[quote=stargater]But this are not offical Icons Set!
ShowImage are looks ugly with the Icons Set.[/quote]

You don’t like these icons? I think they look great. ZuMi has made quite a few of the icons used for Haiku applications and servers and I think he has the style down well.

the color and forms are not haiku like, its look like old gnome icon set!

and i think we need a design brainstorm, how we can make toolicons set for haiku apps .

one color ?
form ?
size ?

i think a contest ( i love the haiku icon contest) is a nice way.



There’s even the old enhancement ticket #1142 for toolbar icons / API and a related ticket #5552.

While in case of the general system icons a contest was necessary to decide on the general style of the icons, for toolbar icons the case is a bit different (to me at least). Since toolbar icons should look good in lower resolutions as well (16x16), the should not be in the 3d-isometric perspective *). This doesn’t leave much creative choice and it’s more or less a case by case evaluation of an icon: what motive to choose for a tool and what looks better.
One could have a contest for the best icons to include for a set of tools, once the general style and what “effects” are needed has been decided. (Like in ticket #5552: color/grayscale, pressed button look, highlighted, inverted, outline…)

At least that’s my thinking at the moment…

*) Thinking about it, maybe there could be 3d-isometric versions of those toolbar icons for sizes above 20x20. Provided there’s a really strong visual connection of 2d and 3d versions, i.e. it’s still recognizable as the same tool at one glance.


i think the form of a 2d icon and a set of the same forms give space for a designer.

Okay, after seeing stargater’s link (which I remember the icon contest)… I think I confused the ZuMi iconset with the Stippi iconset. So the current iconset that Haiku uses is called Stippi, right? So I guess my real question is: will a toolbar iconset be created from the Stippi variety??

For clarity’s sake, ZuMi and stippi are the nicknames of the people who’ve created the vast majority of icons used in Haiku.

Oh I figured there was a correlation as I recognize Stippi’s nickname from other Haiku stuff. Is ZuMi and Stippi working on icons together or who is mostly working on Haiku icons these days?

Hi dcatt,

Stippi did many of the original icons for Haiku. Since then people come up with their own icons in that style that may get improved along the way. Or icons are borrowed and sometimes a bit modified from ZuMi’s great collection. As it looks like ZuMi hasn’t updated his site for some while either, I’d say there isn’t one single guy or two working on icons especially…


I’ve made a few Haiku icons too, and there is a guy with the nickname Meanwhile who has made some nice icons which he put up on Haikuware:


But the original “style” of Haiku icons and the icon guidelines came from stippi, aka Stephan Aßmus.

But I don’t think anyone but ZuMi has sat down and tried to make a bunch of toolbar icons. So in that sense he has set the style used for them, and maybe it would be better if something was more specified. But unless we pay a designer or someone else steps up to work on them, the best toolbar icons we have right now are ZuMi’s.

I love this Icons Forms vor Toolbars http://www.webalys.com/minicons/?utm_expid=33196338-3

The best Icons Form Set i see. I think this can a good option for Haiku Toolbar Icons Set.

What we need is:

  1. color Palette
  2. Tool Icons Guide Line
  3. Name for Tool Icons
  4. Define Class

PS: i am not lucky with Web+ and ShowImage Tool Icons.

Link is broken. Does this icons still available somewhere?

maybe this is you looking for?


I did some icon themes back in the days of ZETA, I think they could be converted to HVIF icons (most of them back converted with Wonderbrush