Zsh config folder

Hi. I see that zsh config options are in /system/settings/zsh. Does that mean I can have my own in ~/config/settings/zsh?


Yep, thats the basic idea. $HOME/config/settings/zsh should work

Okay. I have this in $HOME/config/settings/zsh:


I reboot and upon login I get these errors:

Symlinking /boot/home/config/settings/zsh/zshenv to /boot/home/config/settings/zsh/.zshenv…
‘/boot/home/config/settings/zsh/.zshenv’ → ‘/boot/home/config/settings/zsh/zshenv’
Symlinking /boot/home/config/settings/zsh/zshrc to /boot/home/config/settings/zsh/.zshrc…
‘/boot/home/config/settings/zsh/.zshrc’ → ‘/boot/home/config/settings/zsh/zshrc’

So does that mean my original files should have ‘.’? Because I tried that too and they are not being loaded?

Could I have the names of the files I need and any symlinks (and their locations)?


K. I seem to have it working now.
Many thanks :wink:

What was the reason?

Not sure. I needed to have .zshenv and .zshrc in ~/config/settings/zsh and nothing in ~. Which is kinda different than my linux system, where I needed ~/.zshenv (and ZDOTDIR set here as well). I guess I don’t need to set that for Haiku.

All in all … a noob mistake.