ZFS Port: Three-Quarter Term Report | Haiku Project

Briefly, my goals for the three quarter term were: port libzfs, port the commandline tools zfs and zpool, and write a kernel module to communicate with userland tools via ioctl() calls on a /dev/zfs. Another goal was to make sure our port of ZFS passes all tests in ztest.

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Ahoy !

From another thread I was informed about this old incomplete port of ZFS filesystem. The unfinished port.was done by a GSoC project.

Is someone actually interested in the ZFS filesystem port completion for Haiku ?

HERE is >>>-------------> GitHub - s3thi/zfs-haiku: ZFS port for Haiku.

the work done then in the past – so that is available until now – if you would contribute on it

I picked up just to be on the map … as it was new for me – how much incomplete developments for Haiku can be ? :wink:

EDIT : fixed some sentences,
linked the development stuff from that another thread
( thanks to @extrowerk ).


zfs is fantastic

Having ZFS would indeed be handy.

While zfs would be handy… necroposting to 5 year old articles really isn’t.

Your reply doesn’t add much to the topic too… :stuck_out_tongue:

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