Zeta 1.2 Successfully Boots in Hyper-V

I was able to successfully boots Zeta 1.2 as a vm guest in Hyper-V in Windows 8.1 without any safe mode options.

Use bchunk for windows to extract the .bin into two iso images. Set cdrom 1 as highest in the boot order, and set cdrom 1 as the 2.88mb boot iso, and set the larger iso as cdrom 2. When the loader opens, the cd-rom volume should be selected. It will be in grayscale and 640x480 by default. You can navigate the install with the keyboard, but use Tab and Enter instead of Spacebar to select anything, since mouse movement is very slow.


To correct the above post, there is no way to prioritize cdrom 1 versus cdrom2 in hyper-v. It assumes cdrom1 is the boot order.

I attempted to get Beos 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5 to boot in hyper-v by using the above method (by extracting the .bin into two separate ISO files) with no luck. Next I will attempt to use a CDROM emulator to mount the raw .bin files.

Is there a difference hypervisor that works better with older Beos releases?

Does anyone have a boot floppy image for BeOS 3, 4, or 4.5? I can only find R5 images. Also need to find out how to convert them to the .flp format hat hyper-v uses (even winimage doesn’t export to this format) but it seems to be a raw dd/format.

I’m also getting errors booting haiku nightly images in VMware workstation, but I’ll ask about that on irc.