this is a success story. i hope you’ll excuse me, but i need to vent my joy!

the day started well - in the mornting i finally restored my be machine after a long idle period - the hdd had died on me (but not before the s.m.a.r.t warned me and i managed to backup my beos stuff), so i plugged in a brand new barracuda, plus the day before i had accidentally stumbled across a matrox millenium2 in a nearby hw shack. so with the new 80GB hdd and a glorious mga mill2 i got my dual p3 beos box there sitting by noon with a max 3.1 beta edition on one of the partitions, and an empty second bfs partition deliberately made for the glorious day haiku would boot up on this machine.

then i said to myseld ‘wait a minute, how are you sure the currrent haiku build would not boot here?’ - so i grabbed the sep 23rd build, copied it over to the dedicted partition and … holly batman! there’s the cute haiku boot screen there greetiing me! the suspense is overwhelming me - will i get a desktop? … seconds later - i’m in the desktop! hello beautiful!

unfortunatelly my excitement ended here as my USB kbd and mouse sat there lifeless, keeping me at an arm’s distance from my dreams. oh well, i said, some day it will come…

later on in the evening, i’m sitting here, enjoying the speed of firefox under the magnificent mga drivers by Rudolf (five thumbs up, man!) - and while i make my late evening round through the haiku factory i notice the daily build is ready. of course, the first thing to check is the updates log - well well well, what do i see - the USB base has had a major update… could it be?.. no, no way… but maybe… ok, i download the binary image. unpack it, install it… reboot to the new haiku.


interactive haiku. in all its beauty. in 800x600 true color. with a mouse (a bit sluggish, actually quite some, but who gives a heck). and the kbd is not quite there yet - when i move the mouse i get kbd input in the terminal*, but the mouse is usable.

so i jump at the demos like a starving wolf at a sheppard. chart zooms like a champ - 2% cpu load under directwindow!, glteapot - 80FPS at the default viewport size! the pulse bars are jumping with joy! sweet mama! i feel like that day back in the distant 2000 when i first ran r5 on an SMP rig! i’m dancing jigga like bruce willis on an NFL day.

a dream come true.

just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys, you know who you are.

  • may have something to do with the fact that my mouse (logitech optical wheel mouse) is attached to the kbd (mitsumi’s apple kbd with a built-in hub)

That’s really cool. Gratz!

togs_01 wrote:
That's really cool. Gratz!

thanks, these grats go to the guys who made all this a reality.

as for the rest of us - we’ll see, now that we have usable haiku with fully functional directwindow’s… ; )

Cool stuff, Haiku’s slowly but surely getting there.