Yt-dlp - software that downloads vids to watch locally

If I could, I would, but its too late, so I ain’t.

One day someone will bring this software into Haiku & we will be happy. :smiley:

It is a better youtube-dl that allows you to bring most online vids onto your machine to watch with your own favourite media player. I use VLC on Linux. It works great. It would be a work around the viewing problems that we currently have with Web+ & youtube vids, for instance. :wink:

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Isn’t that already ported?

iirc qmplay2 uses it natively and has an integrated youtube search and such.


Is it? I put both youtube-dl & yt-dlp into the bash terminal & got nothing?

So when you say ported, you mean that its kinda in the repository?

I’m still so new to Haiku, sorry be being so dumb! lol

I’ll get organised tomorrow re. looking for other applications that are available in a more appropriate manner.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction nephele. :smiley:

What do you mean by put it into the terminal?

Ported software is in the repo, you can find it by asking pkgman

pkgman seach cmd:youtube-dl will list packages with that command inside and
pkgman install cmd:youtube-dl will try to install a package with the command

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By trying to call it in the terminal I testing whether the software was installed or not.


$ youtube-dl --help
$ yt-dlp --help

Ah, a safer way to do that (for commands that do something) is asking the os like this:
command -v commandName

It will show you where the command is located if it is installed :slight_smile:


Cool, I like that. I’m going to have to start a new section in my reference notes for Haiku. I’ve got my Linux stuff that I’ve accumulated of the years - which really helps me out, as I forget how I do things really quickly these days. But I know I have important things noted down.

I’ve been using a file manager called Worker (incredibly configurable) I wrote this wiki page:

on it many years ago (~10 years) now (that date 7-sep-21, must be when they upgraded their wiki software? I haven’t been using Manjaro now for ~5 years plus).

Anyway, I’d have a whole bank of buttons that would just have titles of documents that mostly I’d written that I could reference.

They could remind me of something as simple as the dd command that I want to use to do something. Or how to label an NTFS partition from Linux, or how to set the sound device in alsa, or whatever. Really helpful & simple to get at. If you like doing things that way at least.

there’s this super nice and easy gui app, HaikuDepot, makes software install painless


There is even a graphical app called UberTuber that you can find in HaikuDepot, that allows to make this even easier. Keep it running in the background, it will check your clipboard for anything that looks like a youtube URL, and offer to download the video and show it in MediaPlayer. It uses youtube-dl in the background, but connects it together with other Haiku apps.

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Note that there’s also a Qt app YouTubeDL-GUI (ytdl_gui) available but, UberTuber is native and really worth the try.

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Thanks for the tips.

Something that they did in MX, was replace youtube-dl with yt-dlp, as youtube-dl is no longer supported (I believe) & yt-dlp is 100% compatible plus has extra capabilities. The MX team didn’t really tell anyone initially that when they called youtube-dl they were actually calling yt-dlp.
I expect that a lot of tools that were made for youtube-dl maybe also doing the same thing in the background?

Hi. Both tools (youtube-dl and yt-dlp) are available from HaikuDepot:

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Worker uses X11 for its GUI directly. I tried building it with Xlibe some months ago, but I just got mostly white screens with some text drawn. Probably there’s some major bug(s) in Xlibe in the drawing logic, but I didn’t really spend much time trying to find it. Perhaps someone who has worked on Worker before can investigate.

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I would avoid UberTuber… :slight_smile:
It much more reliable to use a little script directly, see this example.

I tried to use yt-dlp with UberTuber, but it is not 100% compatible with youtube-dl: There’s no command to get the title of the video, and the parameter “–get-filename” doesn’t return the exact filename of the video that gets downloaded. The latter pretty much makes UberTuber useless, and prevents adding the META:url attribute in above mentioned script.

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Thanks for the info’ @waddlesplash , I’ll get around to having installing Xlibe & seeing if I can come up with anything useful. Beyond minimal scripting, I’m no dev.

On Linux I mostly just copy the URL to the terminal. I used to use a simple little script:

# I run this from ~/.bashrc with the following alias:
# alias dv="sh ./dl-youtube"
# youtube-dl is set in its ~/.config to download to a specific path.

# 136 = 720p (much smaller file size than 1080p).
# 137 = 1080p ~twice the size as that from using "136"
# 248 = 1080p webm format, much larger than if using "137" but best quality available.
# 140 = best sound quality format available. Adding this to 136 caused access failure?

echo Please, Enter a URL
read URL
/usr/bin/youtube-dl $URL  ## I've gone to this (& it still isn't working?)
                          ## $ youtube-dl <URL> seems to be working. G**gle must have changed something.

## "ERROR: requested format not available"
## & the youtube-dl will use it instead of failing.

#/usr/bin/youtube-dl $URL

The changes needed to support Worker in Xlibe are probably non-trivial and will require careful debugging. So a “dev” is definitely required…

Thanks for the heads up.

I will miss Worker though, it has been my front end in Linux & BSD for 2008. :slight_smile: You just copy your config file from one machine to the next.