"Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted."

I just can’t seem to be able to post anything on any forum. This one won’t go through, either. And yet, I used no profanity, did no product spamming, nothing. What’s up with this?

Huh, it did get through?

Yes, it did. I don’t know what the exact rules for the spam filter are, as I’m no a website admin, sorry. You may want to ask for help on the IRC channel (where we didn’t go crazy with moderation yet), or the haiku-web mailing list, if you manage to post there.

This is crazy. All I wanted to post was (and let’s see if I can, this time):
“Sounds good. I shall give a bit of encouragement by donating some of my hard-earned euros.”

I don’t see any words that could trigger the spam filter, there.

Went through, again??

I’m thinking that thread must be cursed.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me: it objected to me putting in a link to my own non-commercial website.

My first thought to the OP was that the word “Euro” must have triggered the spam filter, but then this one came through. No rhyme or reason to it.

I think the spam filter is more strict for your first posts right after registering. Now that you have succesfully posted some messages, it should be ok.

There is ongoing work to upgrade the website to either Drupal 8 or a completely new system. I hope this will help with the problem.

I’ve been registered on the Haiku OS forums for about 8 years. I’ve posted before with no problems.

Wow, 8 years… Time sure flies, huh?

EDIT: almost 9 years!

Another one. My post contained NO links. How on earth does this get classified as spam? This is getting very irritating.

In which thread did you try posting?

First in “The new package management system – reason.” and now in this one. If this comes through, it is because I changed my account handle & email

Well, that only worked for a bit. Now I’m blocked in the handbrake thread.

It’d be ironic if this post to the spam filter topic is still spam filtered even though I’m not currently going through the Tor network…

I got the problem too when trying to post in the PowerPC thread. I clicked on the button to send a report to Mollom support, but two days later still nothing happened.
I tried sending a report again, but I got a message that support has already been notified.
How is this supposed to work?

Hopefully the issue is solved in the new forum.

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