Your Haiku hardware

Learnt this from a Mac discussion group and wondered how it would go in here.
Its to do a screen shot showing your hardware details ie ‘About Haiku’ (top of menu list, then press the ‘PrtScn’ button to get the screen shot and upload it in here.

here is mine…from running Haiku on an iMac 10,1.


oops - forgot to mention the Mac guys are posting screen shots of Linux distributions running on their Macs.

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We have this in the forums: Hardware List for Haiku - Feedback / Hardware - Haiku Community (

And our hardware database:


Not sure how useful that is. It only shows the CPU and amount of RAM…


This extensive screenshot posting has gotten way out of hand on this forum in my opinion. It’s a waste of bandwidth and storage, and effectively also energy.
It makes sense to post screenshots when discussing topics about graphical stuff (appearance, themes, UI design) and situations where it is not possible to copy/paste error messages or logs (boot errors, etc).
But in most cases it’s simply sufficient to copy/paste text information into the forum posts.


youre quite right, Blue…and I for one should know better. I have probs with guys posting screen shots of massive desktops while viewing on my ‘obsolete’ mini ipad.

I should have used neofetch in here like they do:

…but theres also a social side to computing, and Ive noticed it can be rather quiet in here. Thought it might be a simple thing that might get lukers responding.
I did have a look at the hardware data base but got stumped at the first question…but I will recify that…once I figure wot it tis theyre asking. Didn’t get an answer when I ‘ducked’ it (duckduckgo).

…anyway - thanks for the heads up, chaps… just a beginners mistake…I guess.
(Part of the fun in learning.)


yep…I thought that too.
Just showing how limited that ‘information’ actually is. But guess we cant ask too much for an included app…?

There is also listdev (in Terminal) and Devices in the Application menu. :slight_smile:


The social value, for me, is in interesting posts. I don’t need to see screenshot of Haiku about box over and over again, especially here on this forum, where I know people are interested in Haiku.

So, let’s try to have quality over quantity :slight_smile:

Make screenshots if you have something nice and new to show. Not an aboutbox we have seen a thousand times?


And still you reply with another screenshot? Not that I don’t appreciate irony …

@Pulkomandy already explained it best in his post. I’m all for social interaction and occasional banter, the Haiku community does quite well in this regard I think. But screenshots are very rarely needed for that.

Back on the actual topic: A useful and interesting “Your Haiku hardware” thread could for example consist of users writing short to mid-length reports about their machines running haiku. With a bit of personal history, technical data of course, how well the machine is supported by Haiku, and what tasks they actually do with these computers. Something that extends the plain listing of technical specs, which is indeed already covered by the BeSly hardware database.


‘…a thousand’ - gosh…how exciting!!
erm…where do you find them. ?

yeah…Macrumors has very much a similar hardware listings…but the neofetch screen shots are kinda fun and interesting…but I guess things are done differently in Haiku…so all good.

(I hadn’t taken into account the variation provided via Neofetch.)

As a new comer just didn’t realise theres a much different protocol in here compared to other sites…but - hey, thats part of wot makes haiku different.

re the database…I had no idea wot a ‘hrev’ was…but after a failed duck search discovered it was right under my nose…in ‘About Haiku’.
(Me thinks sometimes computer nerds forget wot it was like to know nothing.)

ta for re re-pointing out those resources Blue (and others) … been finding some jolly useful stuff in there!!!

oops oops - just realised you didn’t mean there was a collection of them somewhere…ggrrrrr!!!

There’s not a thousand screenshots of about boxes, but there was a whole thread for screenshots before:


How many are we short? Counting Kim1963 posts, I’m pretty sure that we can get a hundred more. :smiley:

ta wad…but got a ‘couldn’t resolve host’ error with both those links.
The DevianArt one work though.