Yeay! BeOS is Back!

Hi all,

First of all, I’m new here, so hihi all you coding monkeys! :slight_smile: I am Laura, nice to mee you, and am thrilled to see that people are continuing the development of my favourite OS… When I first heard of BeOS, I spent five days, (count them :o ) downloading PE 5 over a dial-up modem, barely ticking above 14.4K :?

Well, now I’m on broadband, have been for three years, and I came back to see if BeOS Max was available for purchase, but that Be went bust. :frowning: Now I’m without an OS that I love… and stuck with the abomonable Mac OS X…

There now appears to be light at the end of the tunnel though, in the form of Haiku! :slight_smile: And I’m happy again, sort of. :slight_smile: I know it’s hard work to rewrite an OS, but I’m rooting for you, and I hope to one day become a proud owner of a Haiku laptop, with all the trimmings I liked, including the pretty yellow tabs. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, as a sort of wacky idea… Could you make the GUI work like a folder?.. As in, when you maximise two/more applications, the tabs on the top will reposition themselves, in order of activity, foreground far-left, etc? :wink: Thanks, and I’m praying that Haiku will soon become a full blown OS, as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Indeed a lot has happened and I moved on to Linux, and was considering to buy a Mac. How much I try to like Linux it never gave me the same joy as BeOS. BeOS is really the only OS I like to spend time on.

Anyway I’ll just wait for the new Macs on X86 when I can triple load OSX, HAIKU and UBUNTU LINUX. Euh windows well don’t want that anymore eventhough XP SP2 is pretty good and stable, I don’t like it.

Welcome back

Hello. :slight_smile:

I have to chime in here.

I’ve used BeOS for perhaps an hour total (not counting installs) and despite the lack of use, there’s something about BeOS which leaves me eager to try it again. This time around I’m waiting for Haiku.


Hey to all.
I’m new to Haiku (in fact learnt of it’s existance only this afternoon) and only heard about BeOS in perhaps two or three conversations.
Most recent situation was when I mentioned a concept about a phone-like OS that uses every system resource available. Someone said: ‘you mean like in BeOS?’ Altho I don’t know what to expect I’m willing to give it a spin using VMware. You guessed it: I’m a n00b to BeOS but have some Linux experience. (that’s to say I know how to configure my hardware using Yast2 and how to install software using a printed description using the shell.)

2 questions:
What are the required machine specs?
Where can I download it? (is it a CD-ROM ISO?)

If it works nicely using VMware (or in the other case I can use a spare low-end machine from work) I’ll make sure to make the best use of it in my few spare hours. You should know that I HATE windows (one of the reasons I ended up registering to the forum) and that I think Linux has a great future eventho it’s a pitty distro’s like SuSE went somewhat commercial.

Wb littlefae !

It seems quite a few BeOS users saw the fate and ran for other OSes … but strangely, they came back, because we all know how good an OS BeOS was and is.

I, too, got myself a Mac, however, I found it complemented my network rather than becoming my primary machine. 8)

hi people! :lol:
I love BeOS, it’s a real thing!

When I first installed BeOS, I saw very pretty, fast and exciting OS. I wanted that it never die, but… :roll:

But thanx to Haiku, I am very hoping some day Windows die, not Be!

What are the required machine specs?

don’t know but I have a laptop with 366mhz 128 MB Ram and 6 GB HD and with this I have no problem running a video (have no sound so I don’t do that alot :wink: )

Where can I download it? (is it a CD-ROM ISO?)
BeOS Max that are BeOS PE (not BeOS Pro)and alot of drivers and stuff from BeBits are iso (

you have BeOSPe that installes

linux or windows. It don’t installes over only makes a big image file that it can boot upp on. If you want to use windows and boot beos use windows 98 ocr 95

BeOs on VMware are realy slow due to some problems in BeOS haiku are better and there are some images of haiku for VMware but on the otherhand haiku are not ready.

ps you can run linux inside BeOS/Zeta with QEMU (

I know you probably want to hit me with a huge stick, but I still need to ask:

When (as far as i know in 2006) do you believe will the first workable Haiku Implementation be available ? And you dont need to say a date, I think its more interesting to see where the big problem is sitting at right now

I’d rather slap people with a trout, personally, but neither is required in this case - a very valid question, even if often asked. :slight_smile:

IMO there are two major OS components that need to be more complete before a release can be made - the app_server and the kernel. The app_server is still in need of refactoring and desperately needs more stability. If you’ve seen the Haiku demo from this year’s WalterCon, then you’ve seen our White Screen of Death, which is what happens when the app_server crashes. While the guys working on it right now are all very good coders in their own right, there is just a lot to do on the thing.

I’m no expert on the kernel (that’d be Axel and Ingo), but I’m pretty sure there are still quite a few things left to be done on it, as well. It’s not nearly as fragile as the app_server, but quite a few things are left to be done, too.

Be’s standard answer (and the official one from Haiku) is “when it’s done.” I don’t bother trying to give a time frame because it’s always wrong. If Haiku were a regular for-profit company with full-time developers working on it, a time frame might be possible, but considering that all of us on the project do this in our spare time, it’s impossible to predict.

To give you an idea of progress, last September was when the app_server saw its first regular app (a non-contrived test app) draw to the screen. A little over a year later, you now have the ability to boot to Haiku and use quite a few apps in a semi-stable way. I know it’s hard to be patient about these kinds of things, but there is progress.

Amen … that was an excellent well informed response.

If anyone can assist with the issues described above, please contact one of the Team Leaders and they’ll point you in the right direction.

I really can’t wait to see haiku mature enough to attract
open source enthuisists as early adopters
(especially the ones that don’t like unix but like the idea
of a community owned operating system)
its going to be really wonderful to see what the
extra support is going to do :slight_smile:
congrats on coming this far