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Every year I write a news article for linuxfr to celebrate Haiku birthday. This year I published it a bit in advance because of personal scheduling problems (I will be in vacation) around the official birthday date.

The article is very long this year and I think it provides a complete overview of the state of Haiku at the moment: progres towards the next beta, towards R1, funding and contracts, contribution statistics, etc. It’s available here (in French): Haiku a (presque) 21 ans -


Merci. C’est instructif sans pourtant être trop technique et bien sympa de voir cités les différents contributeurs. Même pour quelqu’un qui comme moi n’est pas développeur, cela se lit facilement. En fait, c’est très bien écrit, comme d’habitude. J’espère que ça nous amènera quelques curieux.

Peut être juste une petite typo, mkds au lieu de mkfs?

Google translate was surprisingly competent on the text. It was a good read, thanks for being thorough. Perhaps submit to HN for wider audience? We do want to increase donations and extra audience doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:

I don’t have an account there, but feel free to repost it if you want to :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, since the latest iOS 15 safari shoved the translate feature in my face.

And now, the first time I wanted to use it… it doesn’t work… because I use the reader mode. funny. : )

Thank you! That was a pleasure to read. If I could know the French :blush: I had to resort to google translator.

Thanks for sharing this article - I was surprised as I asked to translate to Hungarian and it was enough good to read that way. Of course I had an option to choose English if it would have been confusing, but finally I could read it that way in enough well quality.

It was interesting and very informative related to progress and problems.
Thanks again.

And, yepp, almost forgot : Have a good vacation ! :smiley:

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