Yab changes in 2020

there will be some changes regarding yab.

the buildfactory is currently defect and cannot be used (and this is not based on yab 1.7.8, it is a bug before)

for this reason and the addition of some new functions and bug fixes, we will share the individual yab components.

this means that there will be more packages than before. this happened for various reasons. on the one hand, e.g. the yabIDE is not installed if you want to use the BuildFactory in your own IDE. The same applies to documentation, yab lib and source.

We were shocked to find that the current package contained the source code in part twice. Probably as a result of trying to keep yab up to date and keep everything functional in a short time.

We hope that we have clean packages with different possibilities of use. This also makes updates easier.

The current status of the work can be seen on our BUG tracker.


You should give the link for your bug tracker.

By the way, SoftwareUpdater fails to update BeSly repository on nightlies. The notification says that it is unable to get cache for it. Therefore BeSly packages are no more available in HaikuDepot on nightlies.
Is it temporary because no packages are made for beta2 yet?

I know this from 64bit. Do you on 64bit? We are searching for this bug.

The bugtracker is on our repo server website https://software.besly.de

Indeed, I use 64bit nightlies.

@lelldorin the latest PR’s at haikuports should solve these?

So, i updated Haiku 64 bit today and the problem isn’t solved. After i get knowledge of this issue i post a bug in haiku bug tracker. It isn’t only BeSly. Kapix depot doesn’t also work